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Top 7 domain name registrars in 2021

Understanding what is a domain name, extensions and their significance

In the age of internet marketing and online branding, the foremost need of almost every business is to be online as 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making any purchase ( However, for being found on the web, a business requires a digital address and this is essentially the reason why domain name is required.

So, domain registration is the first task in building an online presence – a website and choosing a hosting plan is second but in some cases, it can be vice versa as some hosting plans offer free domain name along with the hosting plan itself. But remember, none of the steps can be skipped!

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address that internet visitors use to reach a website. In general, a website address is a numeric address – a string of characters called IP address that is difficult to remember. So, a domain name is a part of a link called URL (Universal Resource Locator) that can be read by human beings and functions as an easy to remember the link to the respective IP address.

In addition to naming their business websites, people need a domain name with emails accounts too. To be effective, a domain name should be clear, concise, memorable and easy to spread via word of mouth.

Let’s say, anybody searching for trending news and articles reaches this site – Here, is a domain name with .com as the top level domain (TLD) and dailyhostnews as the second level domain (SLD). In short,

SLD + TLD = Domain Name

Be very careful while choosing a domain name as it represents your brand and there are some factors that you need to consider.

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Read about them in detail here: How to choose a good and creative domain name?

What domain name extensions to choose?

TLDs refer to top level domains like .com, .net, .in etc. These appear next to the dot as shown in examples and are available to be registered by anyone, anywhere across the globe, barring few things, with some guidelines. These domain suffixes can be community specific, like fashion website can choose .fashion, gaming sites can choose .game, .accountant, .agency, .art, .blog and more

There are other domain extensions that are country specific (ccTLDs), like .eu for European Union, .in for India and more.

You can choose the best one which represents your business vertical and is expected to establish your brand in the market.

As part of the URL which poses relevance to your business and provides direct information of your products and services, a domain name extension increases the probability of fetching you more relevant leads and thus, increases profitability.

So, choose as per your industry, country or interest.

Where to buy domain names from?

Buying a domain name for a website involves the registration of the chosen and available domain name with ICANN with the help of a domain registrar.

No doubt it is one of the biggest challenges for organizations to find a unique and memorable domain name that can be easily found by their target audience, and optimize the web page for a search.

First, you need to check the chosen domain’s availability and if it’s available, then pay a registration fee for it which may differ from one domain name registrar to another as per the value-added services they provide with a domain name.

This domain name registration gives your website a name for a year and will further require annual renewal at the same or hiked amount, depending upon the registrar. A domain name can be registered for a maximum time period of 10 years. You can renew it after that period as needed.

Read on to get fair comparison of cheap domain name registrars.

Which are the best domain registrars? Why?

If we go by Wikipedia, it defines a domain name registrar as an organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of Internet domain names.

When it comes to finding out who is the best domain name registrar in the industry, then the domain seller who provides cost-effective top-level domains (TLDs) with ensured security, simple user interface and accountable customer support can be termed as the best and cheapest domain name provider.

There is no doubt that there are a number of hosters offering domain names, but of course, not all can be trusted. So now the question arises which domain name registrar is best?

5 key factors to consider when selecting a domain registrar

There are certain considerations that one must take care of while choosing a domain name registration company.

  1. Accredited – Choose a registrar that has an ICANN accreditation. Working with an accredited registrar will give a sense of security that you are working with a company that has been approved by a regulatory institution.
  2. Customer Support – Support is the backbone of any online business. Check out the availability of the support team, their expertise and the channels of support. Best way to find this is through a web hosting provider’s reviews.
  3. Web hosting support – No hosting, no website. So, look for a domain provider who offers different hosting services like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers and cloud services as well. This will help you opt a hosting service per your needs.

    Suggested reading: Top 10 best managed WordPress hosting providers in 2018.

  4. Security – Compare the safety measures offered by different domain name providers. A registrar should make available different software that you can buy to make your website safer from cyberthreats like malware, phishing etc. You should also go for SSL certificates to secure your data and transactions and gain your customers’ trust.While SSL is not usually free, ZNetLive provides free SSL certificate with managed WordPress hosting.
  5. Pricing – The price difference can be huge with different domain providers. So, shop around and check the annual pricing and renewals also, as some charge less for the first year of domain purchase but may charge differently on renewal.

Other factors to be considered are control panel, ability to set up subdomains, privacy protection, free addon services that come with domain purchase etc.

7 best domain name registrars comparison

A brief overview of pricing for two popular and widely used domain names – .com and .net:

Domain Registrar Price for the 1st year Renewal price
ZNetLive .com- INR 619
.net- INR 695
.com – INR 799
.net- INR 799
GoDaddy .com- INR 299* (*for first year only)
.net- INR 639
.com – INR 959.00
.net- INR 1,159
DreamHost .com- INR 763.27
.net- INR 891
.com- INR 891
.net- INR 891
Google .com – INR 860
.net- INR 860
.com – INR 860
.net – INR 860
Namecheap .com- INR 680.82
.net- INR 820.30
.com – INR 674.45
.net- INR 813.93 .com- INR 572.56
.net- INR 699.94
.com – INR 827.31
.net – INR 891.00
Bluehost .com- INR 749
.net- INR 749
.com – INR 1498
.net- INR 1498

Now let’s get see a detailed comparison of features of the domain name providers:

  1. Namecheap

    Namecheap is Phoenix based web hosting and domain name registration services provider. This ICANN accredited registrar started its operations in the year 2000 and is a well-known name in the domain name business as it offers all popular TLDs at cost effective prices.

    With every new domain purchase, they offer Positive SSL certificate at $1.99 for the first year. They provide WhoisGuard privacy protection with every domain registration or transfer and free DNS which works as a great backup to DNS servers.

    What you may like?

    • Simple domain setup with clutter free interface and easy domain management system.
    • You get one email account free with domain purchase but for additional emails they charge you some amount.
    • They have a huge DNS server network across Europe and the US and they provide URL and email forwarding.
    • Their additional services include hosting, security and premium DNS services.

    What you may not like?

    • Domain transfers to Namecheap are no doubt free of cost but one has to renew the domain for transferring.
    • You receive WhoisGuard subscription free only for first year with every eligible new domain registration or transfer.
    • DNS features provided by them are applicable only if your domain uses their default nameservers.

    Namecheap Support Review

    Namecheap offers guarantee of quality to its customers and is a trusted name in support. Their trained team of experts deliver top notch and quick support via live chat and support ticket. It also has a knowledgebase to help customers with FAQs.

  2. GoDaddy

    GoDaddy is an American publicly traded domain name and hosting company with a large customer base in India and worldwide. It has a large number of domains under its management.

    This domain provider company is capable of handling all domain needs of its clients. They offer hundreds of top level domains that include country specific domain name extensions and general TLDs. The company is known for its extensive marketing, including TV and newspaper advertising.

    What you may like?

    • Simple to use domain search board.
    • Offers other online services like website hosting, website builder and SSL certificates.
    • Decent pricing structure.
    • They also offer easy domain transfer, bulk domain search tool and domain auctions, where you can bid for existing domain names already registered in the past by others.

    What you may not like?

    • Their initial pricing structure seems to be low but when it comes to renewals they charge heavily.
    • Most of their additional services are paid, like domain privacy protection comes at INR 99 per domain.
    • They have limited hosting services and sometimes their upselling tactics and ads are so forceful that they slow down your actual buying process.

    GoDaddy Support Review

    GoDaddy is known for its award- winning support. They maintain a help page which is one of the most effective channels of dedicated support for their customers. They also have community forums where dedicated contributors come up with a number of tutorials and FAQs. For instant support, you can contact them via phone and chat.

  3. ZNetLive

    ZNetLive is a well-established internet domain registrar and web hosting company, since 2000. Besides domains, they have established a foothold as a managed services and digital transformation solutions’ provider. They are one stop shop for all domain, hosting and managed services’ needs.

    Their services include cloud management services, infrastructure services, Azure solutions, security (SSL certificates) and business productivity tools which they offer at the industry leading prices. ZNetLive is an ICANN accredited registrar with strong customer base in India and worldwide.

    What you may like?

    • Being a customer centric company, they provide cheapest domain registration in India and even cheapest renewals also.

    • You get 2 email accounts, Domain privacy protection and domain locking service free, when you buy a domain name from ZNetLive.

    • They offer fully managed DNS service, domain and email forwarding service along with an easy to use control panel to help you manage your domains.

    • They also offer sale on domains to allow you to choose your best one at reduced prices.

    ZNetLive Support overview

    Known for their best and all-time accountable support in the industry. The technical acumen of the support team makes them stand apart from the rest. Support is always a call away. They have multiple channels of support – live chat, phone and tickets. They maintain updated knowledgebase and run informative blogs to help visitors solve their queries.

    Best part of their support is the timely announcement of maintenances and quick resolution of issues.

  4. Bluehost

    Founded in 2003, Bluehost is a leading web hosting solutions provider. It also provides popular top – level domains independent of hosting and they come bundled with hosting plans too.Bluehost allows you to search 15 domains at a time – has a search box column for it. However, with Bluehost, you may not find a voluminous range of domain name extensions as compared to other domain provider companies.

    What you may like?

    You get a number of free addons with every domain purchase – lifetime DNS service, Domain Theft Protection, email and domain forwarding and 2 personalized email addresses.

    What you may not like?

    • With Bluehost, you may not find country specific extensions.
    • Renewals require heavy payments.

    Bluehost Support Review

    Bluehost support can be reached via live chat and phone, anytime. Their support is reliable and trustworthy. You can also create support tickets to raise your concerns, read support articles and walk through their knowledgebase to find answers to queries.

  5. Google

    Google entered the domain registrar business in 2015, launched its own domain registration service which is till now in Beta testing stage.Google gives simplified dashboard to manage your domains, website and other email settings. You get an improved search and suggestion experience with smart and dynamic DNS integration.

    It allows you to register all TLDs and supports 100 subdomains per domain and provides privacy protection, dynamic DNS and email forwarding to any Gmail.

    What you may like?

    • Professional and user-friendly domain dashboard.
    • It gives privacy protection free of cost.
    • It offers simple to use domain management tools.
    • Allows its customers to create up to 100 email aliases with a domain.

    What you may not like?

    • It does not offer hosting facilities, only provides domains.
    • Google is still working to add more features to its service, even as it launches to the general public.
    • Lacks bulk domain capabilities.

    Google Support Review

    Google maintains a help centre to solve customer queries and their support team is available 24 hours over email, chat and phone.

  6. DreamHost

    Los Angles based DreamHost is a web hosting and cloud computing services provider who also provides domains and website creation tools. It also offers managed WordPress hosting and WordPress management tools.DreamHost is an ICANN accredited domain registrar. It offers all TLDs, a few country-specific TLDs and new generic TLDs.

    What you may like?

    • With every domain purchase, they offer a free trial of click-to-edit website builder – Remixer, with 100% customization and upgrade options.
    • They offer free domain privacy and free custom emails are also included.
    • Their auto renewals are also flexible and they allow you to create as many subdomains as you want but you need to host a domain with DreamHost.
    • You also give free ‘Let’s Encrypt’ SSL certificates.

    What you may not like?

    • No doubt they offer cost effective domains but their renewals are expensive.

    DreamHost Support Review

    DreamHost support provides round the clock dedicated support to its customers. They have discussion forums and knowledgebase to help customers with FAQs.


    Denver based is another ICANN accredited domain name provider. It enables you to not only register but also renew and transfer domain easily. Founded in 2003, the company also offers web hosting, DNS, bulk domains, SSL certificates, email services and more.

    What you may like?

    • Every domain purchase comes with free email and URL forwarding, free forwarding to social media and free DNS management.
    • They have clear options to look out for upcoming extensions and expiring domains that can help you in grabbing your preferred domains.

    What you may not like?

    • Hosting services are basic, and you could get a better hosting with free domain from many other hosting providers.
    • Privacy protection is paid.
    • Customer support is average. Live chat support is unavailable. Support Review phone support is available only during their normal business hours and live chat is the recent addition to their support channel (launched in November 2017). However, they maintain a knowledgebase that answers a number of questions. You can contact their support team through social media accounts and also create a support ticket to raise an issue.


It is fundamental that all domain name registrars allow you to register and purchase, renew and transfer domain names but still they differ in their pricing, features and freebies that they provide with every purchase.

So, compare different support services and prices before selecting a web hosting provider to buy domain names.

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Cloud DNS management comparison: Alibaba, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft

It is a complex and challenging task for businesses to handle the integrity and functionality of their domain name system (DNS). DNS management without the right services or tools can impact the protocols, migration, performance, costs, and productivity.

In this digital transformation era where cloud has become the norm, you need to use highly available, global cloud DNS management services. The right service will provide you control over your DNS, ability to manage domains/subdomains, import/export domains, whenever you want. Before diving into finding the best DNS management service, let’s first learn exactly what DNS management is.

What is DNS management?Best cloud DNS providers comparison

DNS is a key component of all the communications on the internet, that works as the phonebook of domain names and translates these to numeric IP addresses.

The DNS can include numerous record types, a ton of IP addresses, and several other things. The process of managing the DNS is called DNS management.

To manage the DNS properly and make sense of things in an easier manner, the enterprises need DNS management services. In this article, we have mentioned and compared the best DNS management services based on the cloud.

Best cloud DNS management providers: A quick comparison

Here is the detailed comparison of top cloud DNS providers:

1. Alibaba Cloud DNS

alibaba cloud DNS
Source: Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud offers a stable, secure, and faster cloud-based DNS management solution. It has a network of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) anycast network with 19 nodes globally.

Whenever some updates are made or new DNS records are added, Alibaba Cloud DNS takes up to 10 seconds to propagate the changes to DNS servers. In terms of security, Alibaba Cloud DNS management service provides several features, including DNS security protection, load balancing, rate control, malicious traffic scrubbing, and auto-failover. These features help in maintaining high availability and stability.

Key features of Alibaba Cloud DNS management service:

  • Global BGP anycast network
  • Smart resolution
  • DNS record propagation
  • DNS load balancing
  • DNS Anti-DDoS
  • Search engine settings
  • DNS query statistics
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2. Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 DNS management
Source: AWS

Amazon Route 53 allows developers and enterprises to route the end-users to applications by converting domain names into IP addresses. Known for reliability, high availability, and scalability, the Amazon Route 53 is completely compliant with IPv6.

It can be used to link the user requests to the infrastructure hosted on AWS services, as well as to the infrastructure not running in AWS. For monitoring the health of applications and their endpoints, the AWS DNS management service can enable DNS health checks.

DNS management in AWS is easier as it comes with a simple visual editor. This allows businesses to manage global traffic for several types of routing, such as Geo DNS, Geoproximity, Latency-Based Routing, and Weighted Round Robin.

Key features of Amazon Route 53 DNS management service:

  • Resolver: To form conditional forwarding rules and DNS endpoints, and resolve custom names.
  • Latency-based routing: For routing the users to the region offering the lowest latency.
  • Traffic flow: For routing users to the best possible endpoint on the basis of latency, health, and geo-proximity.
  • Private DNS for Amazon VPC: Control the exposure of DNS data, while managing custom domain names for the internal AWS resources.
  • DNS failover: Keep away website outages by automatically routing end users to an alternate location.
  • Health checks: Check and monitor the health of the application, web servers, and resources.
  • Domain name registration: AWS DNS management service allows registration of domain names and transferring of existing ones to Route 53.
  • Integration with Amazon ELB: Route 53 provides integration with Elastic Load Balancing (ELB).
  • AWS Management Console: Route 53 is compatible with the AWS Management Console.
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3. Azure DNS

Azure DNS management
Source: Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud DNS providers that allows the management of DNS records with the same account that you are using for other Azure services. Billing and support contracts also remain the same. You can host the Azure DNS alongside other Azure applications.

Microsoft applies anycast networking to route the DNS queries to nearest name servers for boosted performance. In case any new DNS records are added, it takes only a few seconds for Azure DNS management service to update the name servers.

Furthermore, the Azure DNS management tool resolves the names in a VNet (Virtual Network) with no need for creating and managing customized DNS services.

Azure DNS doesn’t allow consumers to purchase domain names. It can be purchased only from third-party domain name registrars which can then be hosted in Azure DNS. DNS management in Azure is based on Azure Resource Manager to facilitate role-based access control, activity logs, and resource locking.

The role-based access control allows the owners to control the individuals in the organizations from performing specific actions. Activity logs are useful for monitoring the activities of users in the organization. Whereas, resource locking enables the locking of resources to prevent users from making changes to confidential resources.

Key features of Azure DNS management service:

  • Host DNS alongside other apps on Azure
  • Fast DNS queries
  • High availability
  • Quick DNS updates
  • Azure DNS Private Zones
  • Scalability
  • Advanced DNS security
  • Role-based access control
  • Activity logs
  • Resource locking
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4. Google Cloud DNS

google cloud dns management
Source: Google Cloud

Google Cloud DNS runs on the same infrastructure as Google. Known for scalability and low latency, Google’s DNS management service is an economical way to convert domain names into IP addresses. It allows businesses to create and manage DNS zones with an easy-to-use UI and command-line interface.

Google uses a network of anycast name servers to facilitate low-latency access and high availability. When it comes to scalability, the Cloud DNS scales automatically if there are a high number of zones and records. You can host the DNS servers both on-premises or with third-party DNS services.

You can also create managed zones, which help in adding, modifying and deleting DNS records. The permissions can be handled, and the modifications can be monitored easily.

Key features of Google Cloud DNS management service:

  • DNS lookup
  • Private zones
  • DNS peering
  • DNS forwarding
  • Stackdriver Logging
  • Anycast name servers
  • Zone and project management
  • DNS management through API and web UI
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5. IBM Cloud DNS

ibm cloud dns
Source: IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud provides domain name registration and management service with an easy-to-use interface and the ability to track activities. The DNS management in IBM Cloud can be managed easily using the IBM Cloud console. This console allows you to view, edit, or delete the DNS associated to your account.

Using IBM Cloud console, every aspect of the DNS can be managed. IBM Cloud DNS supports cross-platform functionality and allows you to extend DNS zones that are not on the IBM Cloud network. These DNS zones can be added as a single domain or multiple at a time. The supported DNS record types in IBM Cloud DNS include A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, SRV, and TXT.

Key features of IBM Cloud DNS:

  • Monitoring resources
  • Domain name registration
  • Check account activity
  • Registration renewal reminders
  • Domain dispute resolution policy

Best cloud DNS providers comparison: Alibaba Cloud v/s AWS v/s Azure v/s Google Cloud v/s IBM Cloud

Following is a quick yet comprehensive tabular comparison of top cloud DNS providers:

FeaturesAlibaba CloudAmazon Route 53Azure DNSGoogle Cloud DNSIBM Cloud
No. of regions202256216
Management of DNSAlibaba Cloud consoleAWS Management ConsoleAzure portal• Google Cloud Platform Console
• gcloud command-line tool
IBM Cloud console
Anycast DNSYesYesYesYesNA
Private DNSYesYesYesYesNA
Domain Name RegistrationYesYesNoNoYes
Pricing Model• Fee-free DNS
Pay-per-usePay-per-usePay-per-useIBM Cloud DNS Pricing
Pricing (by hosted zones)Alibaba Cloud DNS Pricing• $0.50/zone/month (first 25)
• $0.10/zone/month (over 25)
• $0.50/zone/month (first 25)
• $0.10/zone/month (over 25)
• $0.20/zone/month (0-25)
• $0.10/zone/month (26-10,000)
• $0.03/zone/month (over 10,000)
IBM Cloud DNS Pricing
Pricing (by standard queries)Alibaba Cloud DNS Pricing• $0.40/million/month (first billion)
• $0.20/million/month (over 1 billion)
• $0.40/million/month (first billion)
• $0.20/million/month (over 1 billion)
• $0.40/million/month (first billion)
• $0.20/million/month (over 1 billion)
IBM Cloud DNS Pricing
Supported Record TypesA

NA: No details available on-site/in resources.

Wrapping up:

When talking about the best cloud DNS service providers, the names of Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud emerge among the top. Now, analyze your business requirements and have a deep look at the comparison above to find which DNS provider is the best one for you.

So, which cloud DNS service provider do you think will fit your business best?

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general information purpose only. Price, product and feature information are subject to change. This information has been sourced from the websites and relevant resources available in the public domain of the named vendors on 6 February 2020. Daily Host News makes best endeavors to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, however, it does not warrant or guarantee that anything written here is 100% accurate, timely, or relevant to the website visitors.
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Domain Newss

Five New Domain Extensions Coming from XYZ in 2020

The XYZ Registry, known for their wide array of domain offerings, is expanding the domain portfolio by gaining the exclusive rights to five new domain name endings that will be made available to the public in 2020. The first domain to be announced, .Quest, is the expert new domain that signifies the solution to any search. The launch of .Quest and four additional inspiring new TLDs will make XYZ the operator of 17 domain extensions, including the world’s most utilized new domain, .xyz.

This announcement takes place of a stellar year for XYZ – with an almost 40% year-over-year growth in registrations across their 12 domain extensions in 2019. Flagship domain .xyz has become known as the world’s favorite new domain ending with the top spot in usage across all nTLDs.

The high utilization of the .xyz TLD is due in part to its seamless integration with all industries and interests, and XYZ is building on that success by launching another domain extension meant for authorities in any field: .Quest. Knowledgeable businesses, organizations, and individuals can use .Quest to mark their website as the leading destination for their audience. It will allow the domain owner to effectively show their customers that they will guide them to the end of their search.

The extensions of the four additional TLDs that will launch this year haven’t been made public, though the registry states that “they are ultra-desirable to this audience’s multi-billion dollar global industry.” The SEO and branding benefits are exceptional for this mass audience and will give millions of brands and professionals the chance to get a modern, memorable, industry-specific domain name.

“2020 marks an exciting new decade of consumer choice and affordable, creative naming options.” says XYZ CEO Daniel Negari. “XYZ’s mission as a technology company is to inspire and empower everyone to start or expand their great idea with a memorable domain name ending. We are excited to bring five new domain choices to the world this year for individuals, businesses and extraterrestrials to enjoy. Boom!”

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Domain Domain Names available starting from $1

.id Registry, as the official Indonesian Internet Domain Name Registry, has announced that ‘’ Domain Names will be available for purchase with a special starting price of US$1, for end-user registration and extensions worldwide. The pricing will be effective from September 17th, 2019.

The President of .id Registry, Yudho Giri Sucahyo, stated that as the name suggests, offers a very unique approach in presenting an identity. The domain is considered ideal to be used as a blog or personal email address.

“It represents ‘My International Domain’ or ‘My Identity’. Therefore, it’s ideal to be used as an individual website address,” he said.

The registration process is very simple; the requirement is only an active email verification, no documents required, and the user is ready to go!

Despite all the ease in having the domain name, .id Registry doesn’t compromise with information security and the regulatory compliance.

“As the official Indonesian registry of .id domain, we are committed to obeying the Indonesian law. If there are any proven .id addresses that violate the law, we will suspend it and, even, take it down,” Yudho asserted.

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In addition to, the .id Registry will also offer and .id to the international market as well as marketing these Domain Names domestically.

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Top 6 reasons free website hosting is a mistake

While it might not be at the forefront of your mind, web hosting services play an important part in your website’s success. When it comes to the website development, every little thing matters. While we all know that design and usability of a website directly affect user experience, website hosting is an important component in building a successful online presence too. Of course, it’s a pleasure to save some money but, sometimes, the result is quite the opposite.

The best way to save your budget while building a website is to save on its development. Sure thing, it’s not easy to find an affordable and at the same time professional services. Then again, remote is, probably, the future of work and there’s outstaffing model that is more reliable and efficient. Thus, it’s no longer a surprise that hiring web designers in Ukraine or any other popular outsourcing directions will save some cash. Actually, this is a common way to reduce the price when building a website but, of course, nothing is without flaws.

Let’s get back to choosing a reliable website hosting provider that follows your business needs. Since there are many ways the web host you choose can impact your website (business), you should educate yourself on well-known mistakes you’ll want to stay away from. Wondering what’s at the top of the list? Choosing free web hosting is the most common mistake most businesses make when developing their online presence.

Why hosting matters when you build a website?

There’s a lot of work you need to do to plan a website. There are many ways different ways to create your perfect online image, but one fact remains the same regardless of what route you take. Finding a reliable web hosting company is an important step in delivering the best user experience to your customers. And this is something free web hosting services don’t offer.

After you decide on a website design, the development process begins. To successfully deliver your content to viewers, you’ll need a place to store your files. That’s where hosting comes in. Remote computer servers serve as a source of storage for your information. Your host keeps your files safe and accessible, so your website can deliver the information you want viewers to see when someone opens your website.

Business success is often measured by profit margins and a company’s ability to maximize their profits. This being the case, many businesses avoid anything that can negatively impact their overall profit gain. Because most businesses today are competing for the most effective, most well-liked online presence, choosing the right hosting solution for your business is important. When you do not take the time to research the right fit for your web hosting needs, you run the risk of losing revenue, negatively affecting your SEO ranking, and facing potential security issues and malware attacks. So, how can you ensure you are making the right decision for your web hosting while still making a sound financial decision?

Top reasons free website hosting is a mistake

Free sure is tempting. With all the expenses businesses face today, it may seem like a breath of fresh air to see that you can get a web hosting service for your website for free. The problem with falling for the temptation of choosing a free website host is that it ends up costing you more money in the long run. You also risk the integrity of your website, can ruin your online reputation and can lose revenue and customers while facing these negative repercussions of choosing “free.”

One of the major problems with free web hosting is the amazing marketing tactics hosting companies use to draw you in. It’s almost as if you can’t say no! The great news is that you can turn down free offers and you don’t have to spend an inordinate amount of money to get what you need. There are many managed and shared hosting options available that offer affordable premium hosting. These companies can save you money long-term, but they can also save you a headache and mess of making the mistake of choosing a free website hosting service in the first place.

So, what is it exactly about free website hosting that has created such a fuss throughout the world of internet and online business? Here’s what you really get when you choose a free website hosting and the top reasons for making that decision is a mistake for your business.

1. Is anything REALLY free?

Think about it. Anytime you have signed up for something “free” in your lifetime, has it truly been free without a surprise gimmick or some way of paying down the road? When you ask if something is really free, you should also consider the other end of that question. What about limitations?

The problem with free website hosting is that there are often serious limitations that come with it. Once you discover these limitations and realize you need to reach beyond them, you are left with one of two scenarios to face. You either need to pay an excessive service fee to get what you need, or you are stuck with what you have and hinder your business’ success.

Most free web hosting services limit the amount of storage available to your website, the bandwidth of your service, and do not allow FTP access. Since you probably signed a contract that says you are locked into a long-term commitment, you will be forced to upgrade your services for a much higher fee than most premium hosting providers offer. And if you failed to read the tiny, tiny print in the terms of services, it’ll be near impossible for you to safely get out of your contract with your website in tow and intact.

2. You forfeit reliability

Many of the most highly marketing free web hosting providers are new companies themselves. The offer free web hosting to try to draw in customers to pay for their other services. Since premium hosting can easily be offered at an affordable rate, these new companies draw you in by giving it away and focusing on charging you for some of their most expensive services.

The major risk you face when you choose to host with a new company is that you forfeit reliability. So, what happens if that company is unsuccessful and ultimately folds? You will lose everything. If they shut down, so does your entire website. Everything you have worked so hard to create can be lost for good. You will likely have no backups of your website. If you purchased, or renewed, your domain through the company you will lose your domain as well. And this will hit your SEO ranking right where it hurts. All the time and money you put into your website services will be permanently lost.

3. You can’t transfer your website

Most free hosting solutions have a way of working some tricky wording into their terms of service. So, while you think you own your website and your domain, you don’t. In addition, your hosting provider will likely own all your content. That means you can’t sell your website, you can’t sell your content, and you can’t republish any of your works. Just think about being a photographer or artist who publishes their images on their website to show their customers their work. Once you put that up, your “free” web hosting services go to work and you no longer own rights to that content.

To make matters worse, once you realize you need better services, it’s nearly impossible to transfer providers. So, if you can’t afford the upgrades needed from your free hosting provider, forget looking for a more affordable, reliable company. Since you don’t actually own your website, your content, or even your domain, you can’t transfer to a better provider. It’s that simple.

4. You have no server control.

Free website hosting means you get what you pay for, and since you didn’t pay, you are limited to what you get. Chances are your website is not scalable. This means if your business grows, your website can’t grow with you. Most free hosting services cannot handle lots of traffic, so if business starts booming, your website can’t handle the influx of visitors. This translates to slow website speeds and lots of downtimes. When it comes to business, downtime means you’ll lose readers, visitors, and customers. Loss of customers obviously means you’re going to be losing money.

The great news is that premium hosting is not that expensive. When you invest in hosting, you invest in security for your website and you invest in your business’ future. If you exceed your limits with a premium hosting provider, you can easily upgrade your services at a fair and affordable price. And you don’t run the risk of slow website speeds that can turn away visitors or even downtime that can result in the loss of customers!

5. Your website won’t look professional.

I think by now we have established that nothing is free! Free hosting means you are only able to use basic themes for your design. You may be able to make small changes, but you won’t’ be able to customize your website or make improvements as your budget allows. You will also be dealing with unprofessional domain names because you will likely be using a subdomain.

WordPress hosting is a great example of a free hosting provider that limits your capabilities and prevents you from looking as professional as possible. Clients who use the free WordPress hosting services often have a domain like A professional hosting provider can get you a top-level domain at a low cost and you can implement professional .com emails that enhance your business.

Since many functions require plugins, and free hosting excludes plugins, your website won’t be capable of executing common, important website functions. Just think, no selling and no mailing list. In addition to limitations, you will likely have to deal with forced ads that are placed on your website and have no relevance to your business. After all, your free hosting provider needs to make their money somewhere.

6. Your SEO ranking will suffer.

Since we’ve now established that your webpage can face slow site speed, increased downtime, and look unprofessional, there’s a more serious impact this can have on your business. SEO is a science. If you have invested in SEO, you’ll understand that it takes time to build a solid online presence. You can not only lose all you’ve worked for if your free hosting provider takes down your website, you can face many negative impacts on your ability to rank in the first place.

Google has created high standards to allow websites to rank at the top. All the negative impacts listed above regarding free hosting make your website harder to rank because of its low quality when it comes to Google Standards. You won’t be able to get your business on the map when it comes to search engine results. This is a major preventative of growth for your business.

If you want to create an online presence that can bring your business growth and success, free hosting is not the way to go. While it may look like a way to save money as you start out, it will cost you customers and revenue in the end. Your business website should be professional.

Professional, premium hosting providers offer you full control over your website, better SEO, a real, professional domain, and a scalable website that will grow with your business. When you choose a reliable web hosting company, you contribute to your brand. And this means a greater chance of success as you continually exceed your limits and grow to your full potential through your professional online presence and your supportive, premium web hosting services.


Guest Author:  Alka Parti, Digital Marketing Consultant

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ZNetLive rolls out exclusive World Cup 2019 offers on India specific domain names and WordPress hosting

ZNetLive, India’s leading cloud services provider offering cloud infrastructure and managed services to partners and end customers across the globe, today announced exclusive discounts on .in and domain names. With World Cup 2019 under way, ZNetLive is celebrating the Cricket’s mega festival in its own ways with some contests and special offers.

The offers, synchronized with the World Cup 2019, are aimed to empower Indian start-ups and budding businesses to establish their online identity in the most economical way possible. .in domain name, the domain name with an Indian essence, will be available at INR 229 while will be available for registration at INR 189.

“ZNetLive team is an ardent cricket fan. In order to match the energy and spirit of the World Cup 2019, we are providing Indian businesses and start-ups an Indian domain name extension, to help them establish their online identity quickly and easily.”Pavan Jangid, Manager- Marketing and PR, ZNetLive.

The other offer of 50% discount on ZNetLive’s managed WordPress hosting is synchronized with the Indian Cricket team’s participation in the World Cup 2019 and is available only on the days when India is playing in a world cup match.

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Furthermore, ZNetLive is organizing a ‘Predict and Win’ contest for cricket fans. They can test their cricket knowledge by predicting the answers for questions asked every day and win exciting prices. To know more, visit:

Domain Web Hosting

Companies can now register .inc domain for business websites

A new top-level domain (TLD) is coming to the scene that is especially meant for businesses. Called “.inc”, the new TLD will be operated by Intercap Registry Inc.

Today, the names of millions of companies end with “Inc.” The new domain will allow the companies to end their website address with the same.

The .inc domain name will available to register in the official language of more than 190 countries. It can be used by any business—from startups to newsrooms to investor relations.

Having a .inc at the end of a web address can help businesses gain credibility and show that they mean business.

Businesses that register the new TLD will get free member benefits worth $2500 from leading brands. For instance, they will get up to $1,000 in free transaction fee credits from Square, free press release on GlobeNewsWire to announce new .inc website, free $100 credit for sponsored listings on Indeed, $150 ad spending match for Google Ads.

They will also get free website migration with no downtime or impact to search engine optimization (SEO).

“We recommend every business, both in the US and abroad, highly consider registering their trademarks in the .inc namespace at SafeBrands,” said Matthieu Aubert, director of Legal and manager of Partner Relations for SafeBrands.

“.inc is delivering unprecedented value to businesses through their extensive naming options and free member benefits. SafeBrands is pleased to be adding additional value with three months of free domain monitoring included exclusively for our clients.”

Further, the new TLD will help businesses to prevent cybersquatting. It is now available for priority trademark registration till April 30, and can be registered here. From April 30 till May 7, it will be available for priority public registration, and then become available for global public registration. The priority trademark registration is priced at around $3,500.

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“.inc gives every business the opportunity to secure one of its most important assets – a premium web address,” said Shayan Rostam, chief strategic advisor to the Intercap TLD portfolio.

“By pairing desirable .inc domains with a flat premium price and popular business services, .inc has positioned itself as the black card of the internet.”

Domain Newss

Google’s .dev domain name for developers now available at standard prices

Google Registry has launched the .dev top-level domain (TLD) for developers and other tech geeks associated with development.

The .dev was announced last month but it was available only for Early Access registrations with an additional fee. Now it is available at a base annual price through most of the registrars.

“We hope .dev will be a new home for you to build your communities, learn the latest tech and showcase your projects—all with a perfect domain name,” wrote Google in a blog post.

“We envision .dev as a home for developers. From tools to programming languages to blogs, .dev is the best place for all the amazing things that you build.”

Like the previously launched .APP and .PAGE domain name extensions, the .dev TLD too will have HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) by default. What this means is that the new TLD will come with built-in security. This will enable protection against ad malware and tracking injection by ISPs, as well as safeguard against spying on open Wi-Fi networks.

Google itself has launched its own developer websites on .dev domain. These sites include,,,,,, and

Other than Google, many other companies and individuals also have registered the .dev domain. For instance, reach Women Who Code at, software solutions for developers by JetBrains at, learn development skills at, learn app development on Salesforce at, etc.

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The standard price of .dev domain name is between $12 to $15. The price varies depending on the registrar.

Image source: Google

Domain Newss

ICANN demands full deployment of DNSSEC across all domains

In a new announcement, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has mentioned that there is an ongoing and significant risk to some of the main parts of DNS (Domain Name System) infrastructure.

Several malicious activities are increasingly targeting the DNS infrastructure. In response to such activities, ICANN has called for full deployment of DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) across all the unsecure domain names.

DNSSEC is a set of security protocols used to ensure DNS information isn’t accidentally or maliciously corrupted. It protects against cyberattacks by proving authenticity and integrity of a response from the nameserver.

ICANN is one of the main entities responsible for decentralized management of Internet. It is committed to ensure that the identifier systems of internet are secure, stable, and efficient. The entity also coordinates the main levels of the DNS for stable and secure operation.

Attackers are using different methodologies to make unauthorized changes to the delegation structure of domain names. They change the addresses of intended servers and use the addresses of machines that can be controlled by them.

However, some of these cyberattacks work only when the DNSSEC is not used. That is the reason ICANN is demanding for full deployment of DNSSEC across all the domains.

Implementation of DNSSEC not promises to address all the security issues of internet, but it will prevent cyberattacks where users are redirected to malicious websites.

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“Although DNSSEC cannot solve all forms of attack against the DNS, when it is used, unauthorized modification to DNS information can be detected, and users are blocked from being misdirected,” explained ICANN.

In September last year, ICANN had said that it will perform a root zone DNSSEC KSK roll-over to strengthen the security of DNS.

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DNS Flag Day: Domain names with non-compliant DNS servers might become unavailable

From DNS Flag Day 2019, the DNS software and service providers are going to stop supporting certain accommodations for non-complaint DNS implementations from their software or services. These changes are coming to the DNS systems that aren’t completely compliant with EDNS standards.

As per the DNS Flag Day site, “The current DNS is unnecessarily slow and inefficient because of efforts to accommodate a few DNS systems that are not in compliance with DNS standards established two decades ago.”

The DNS Flag Day is February 1, 2019. To remediate non-compliant systems, the DNS service providers are ending certain accommodations. A number of leading operators have agreed to support the initiative. These include Facebook, Google, Cisco, Cloudflare, Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), NLnet Labs, CZ.NIC, Quad9, PowerDNS, and CleanBrowsing.

The domain names operated by non-compliant DNS servers will be affected by this change. The aim of making the DNS servers compliant is to increase efficiency of DNS operations and enable operators to deploy new functionalities, such as new mechanisms to protect against DDoS attacks.

According to ISC, “Domains served by DNS servers that are not compliant with the standard will not function reliably when queried by resolvers that have been updated to the post-Flag Day version, and may become unavailable via those updated resolvers.

“If your company’s DNS zones are served by non-compliant servers, your online presence will slowly degrade or disappear as ISPs and other organizations update their resolvers. When you update your own internal DNS resolvers to versions that don’t implement workarounds, some sites and email servers may become unreachable.”

Also read: Google secures DNS traffic with DNS-over-TLS support for its public DNS

Website owners/domain holders can test their domains here to know if they are ready for the planned change. The test results will show whether users need to take any further steps or not. If the domain name is set for the changes, it will show an “All Ok!” in green. Or the users will get recommendations on any further steps needed to be taken.

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