Get ready to experience hyperscale enablement, cloud, data and other internet innovations at CloudFest 2019

CloudFest 2019 to be held between March 23-29 at Rust, Germany, will welcome the leaders of the cloud, hosting and internet infrastructure space to come together and connect to shape the future of the internet industry. Get ready to hear the most inspiring voices of the industry, attend compelling breakout sessions, and take advantage of the amazing networking opportunities followed by high-spirit after-hours events.

The theme of CloudFest 2019

This year, the festival’s theme is Hyperscale enablement. Hyperscalers are forecasted to cover 70 percent of the IaaS market by 2021. These large-scale operators are set to reshape the market. It’s the perfect time for the service providers to identify the potential of this opportunity and encash it for business growth.

CloudFest 2019 will bring together leading hyperscale operators. Attendees can use this opportunity to learn the best way to collaborate and enter into some astounding partnerships. These partnerships can help you make money from the different streams of the demand and value chains.

We see this as a critical juncture in the industry, a time where service providers should no longer look to hyperscalers as the competition, but to welcome them as a vital partner.” Soeren von Varchmin, CEO at CloudFest.

Why CloudFest 2019 is a must-attend?

CloudFest, over the past fifteen years, has evolved to be one of the most sought-after events for the leaders in the internet infrastructure space. CloudFest 2019, just like the previous year, will be bigger and better.

The event will be attended by over 7000 potential customers, industry leaders and professionals for a heck of a week. Prepare to witness some of the most innovative products to be exhibited during the event. Specially curated keynotes, workshops, and panels on trending topics will be another important reason to attend it.

The 4th annual hacking event – Hackathon

CloudFest will also be conducting Hackathon – the only official event to go beforehand, for the 4th time.

Hackathon will see 50+ developers from more than 20 companies  create innovative solutions to solve persistent tech problems. It will take place during the weekend, before the main event, in Santa Isabel Hotel at Europa Park, Rust, Germany.

The projects again this year will be focused on open-source communities, not for profit and interoperable.


CloudFest is an annual get-together of not only the professionals in the internet infrastructure space, but it also draws celebrities, influencers, newsmakers and experts from around the world. CloudFest 2019 will also see the line-up of such headliners:

  • Tatiana Tropina – Cybercrime Expert, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law
  • Daniel Kraft – Chief Developer, Namecoin Project
  • Will Pemble – CEO, Goal Boss
  • Hank Shocklee – Producer, Public Enemy
  • Bhavin Turakhia – CEO & Founder, Flock

Key topics

Hyperscaling with the Domain Name System

Andy Simpson – Principal Data Scientist at Verisign, will talk about the significance of domain names and how they can be used in various customer engagement strategies.

Beyond the Hype – PKI and the Cloud

Dan Timpson – CTO at DigitCert, will talk about seamless integration of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) into your cloud-native architectures. He will also throw light on the role of PKI in datacenter environments, web security etc.

The WordPress Hosting Experience – Bought Cheaply And Paid Dearly?

Jan Loffler – CTO at Plesk, will discuss and share his vision of a best-in-class WordPress hosting. He will also bring a surprise guest who will guide the audience on how to make a WordPress user happy and allow hosters to stand out in the crowd.

Power your Moonshots with the Cloud

Yuval Dvir – Head of Online Partnerships at Google Cloud, will talk about the changing technology landscape, increasing convergence of infotech and biotech and how cloud is the underlying factor here because of its high-availability and non-comprising security.

DHN is the official media partner of CloudFest 2019. Use code CF19AJL and register now for free.

Domain Hosting Newss Web Hosting

6 million new domain names registered in second quarter 2018, as total count reaches 339.8 million globally: Verisign

According to Verisign, the global domain name registrations count reached 339.8 million across all top-level domains (TLDs) in the second quarter of 2018, representing registration of around 6 million new domain names in the quarter.

Domain name registrations have increased by 1.8% quarterly and 2.4% year-over-year. The .com domain name base reached 135.6 million domain name registrations at the end of second quarter, while the .net domain name base reached 14.1 million domain name registrations.

The .com and .net TLDs together totaled to approx. 149.7 million domain name registrations in the second quarter, up 0.9% or 1.4 million domain name registrations from the first quarter of 2018. This represents an increase of 3.7% or around 5.3 million domain name registrations year over year.

As per Verisign, there were around 9.6 million new .com and .net domain name registrations since the second quarter of 2017.

Top 10 largest TLDs by number of reported domain names

At the end of second quarter 2018, the top 10 TLDs .com, .cn, .tk, .de, .net, .uk, .org, .ru, .nl and .info.

Top 10 largest TLDs

Top 10 ccTLDs

The country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) domain name registrations count totaled to approx. 149.7 million at the end of 2Q18, an increase of 2.4% or 3.5 million domain name registrations from 1Q18. The ccTLDs grew by around 5.5 million domain name registrations or 3.8% YoY.

At the end of second quarter, the top 10 ccTLDs were .cn (China), .tk (Tokelau), .de (Germany), .uk (United Kingdom), .ru (Russian Federation), .nl (Netherlands), .br (Brazil), .eu (European Union), .fr (France), and .it (Italy).

Top 10 ccTLDs

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ngTLDs domain name registrations

The number of new gTLDs domain name registrations were around 21.8 million at the end of second quarter, up 1.6% from the first quarter, but down 10.4% year over year. The top 10 ngTLDs accounted for more than 50% of the total ngTLDs domain name registrations.


Images source: Verisign

Domain Newss

Domain name registrations count reaches 333.8M in first quarter 2018: Verisign

Global domain name registrations count reached 333.8 million across all top-level domains (TLDs) at the end of first quarter 2018, announced leading domain names and internet security provider Verisign.

As per Verisign, the domain name registrations have increased by 1.0% year over year, which means around 3.2 million domain names were registered since first quarter of 2017.

Quarterly, the domain name registrations increased by 0.4% compared to final quarter of 2017, representing around 1.4 million domain name registrations.

  • Top 10 top-level domains in 2018

At the end of first quarter 2018, the top 10 TLDs were .com, .cn (China), .tk (Tokelau), .de (Germany), .net, .uk (United Kingdom), .org, .info, .ru (Russian Federation) and .nl (Netherlands).

Top 10 TLDs domain name registrations

The .com and .net TLDs together totaled to approximately 148.3 million domain name registrations at the end of first quarter this year. This represents an increase of 4.6 million domain name registrations, growing 3.2% year over year.

Quarterly, the .com and .net TLDs grew by 1.3% compared to final quarter 2017, representing 1.9 million domain name registrations.

  • Top 10 ccTLDs in 2018

The country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) domain name registrations count totaled to approx. 146.3 million at the end of 1Q18, which increased by 2.2% year over year, representing 3.2 million domain name registrations.

At the end of first quarter 2018, the largest ccTLDs were .cn (China), .tk (Tokelau), .de (Germany), .uk (United Kingdom), .ru (Russian Federation), .nl (Netherlands), .br (Brazil), .eu (European Union), .fr (France) and .au (Australia).

Top 10 ccTLDs domain name registrations

  • Decline in gTLDs domain name registrations

There were approximately 20.2 million new generic TLDs (gTLDs) domain name registrations at the end of 1Q18. According to Verisign, the gTLDs domain name registrations decreased by 20.7% year over year, and by 2.0% over the last quarter.

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Images source: Verisign

Cloud Event Hosting

Indian markets provide hosts of opportunities in the Internet Infrastructure space – CloudFest India 2018

The CloudFest India 2018 that was held in Mumbai, India on May 23rd comprised jampacked sessions and informative keynotes that ensured that the day was full of knowledge and innumerable networking exchanges.

There were talks on domains; net neutrality; tips to help hosting providers become cloud solutions providers; and internet market opportunities for startups and SMBs, just to name a few.

CloudFest 2018

India, with 4.9 million registered domains (as of Q4 2016) and 51 million SMBs represents a huge market for the internet industry.

The Chief Product Officer at GoDaddy – Steven Aldrich, opened the keynotes for the day, throwing light on how independent ventures are growing in India, and how they will drive global employment.

Later, an interesting session on net neutrality was taken by Tim Wu – American lawyer and professor at Columbia Law School with Seoren von Varchmin – CEO, Cloudfest as the moderator. Tim discussed about the state of IT in the context of India market.

Vice-President – Naming Services, APAC at Verisign – Manish Dalal, talked about the fundamental trends that drive the demand for domain names and how they are related to cloud hosting.

One of the important sessions was taken by Alan Keller – CRO at Duda, who talked about the closing gap between websites and apps and how this can save the internet for SMBs. Websites lack the smooth and fast experience provided by apps. But, developing an app, and submitting it to an app store is somehow time-consuming and difficult for SMBs.

To save businesses from getting stuck in the functionality of a website, Google started pushing websites to adopt app like functionality with Progressive Web Apps (PWA). The PWA technology will help businesses run websites with app like functionalities embedded.

Later, Praveen Bhadada – Partner & Practice Head at Zinnov, shared the key findings of their State of the Domain Industry Report.

The report highlighted the increasing count of domain names in India with a stronger growth as compared to the global markets. .com domain had 57% share of the Indian Domain Name Industry in 2017.

CloudFest 2018

You can read complete coverage of the report here.

Rajendran Dhandapani, Director of Engineering at Zoho, discussed the cloud trends and how hosting services industry is evolving with cloud technologies. He said that the hosting providers should be vigilant in choosing their technology partner while moving towards the cloud.

The event partners included names like GoDaddy, Duda, Zoho, ConnectReseller, Domain Dhaba, Donuts, Serveroft, E2E Networks and many others.

With CloudFest coming to an end successfully this year, most people, including us will be eagerly waiting for the announcement of dates for the next year’s CloudFest India.

Stay tuned for the latest hosting and cloud industry news.

Images Source: CloudFest 

Cloud News

8 must haves for Cloud MSPs, how colocation data center is among key drivers of digital transformation: CloudFest

The annual festival for the cloud, telecom, infrastructure and hosting industry – CloudFest, successfully came to a close on 16th March 2018. The week-long event was the ultimate celebration of the cloud with fun, knowledge and networking exchanges.

The sixth edition of CloudFest saw a huge turnaround with over 7000 attendees, 1300+ CEOs, 2500+ companies, 250+ speakers and 80+ countries.

The sessions included latest announcements, product exhibitions, case studies and panel discussions.

One of the important highlights of the event was the CloudFest Hackathon that brought together open source technology leaders and communities together, who did some real-time coding.

The sessions covered everything from fog computing to domain, to security, to infrastructure, to colocation and big data.

Here’s a quick recap of the key sessions held at CloudFest 2018:

SONM – Decentralized fog computing

Igor Lebedev – SONM (Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining) CTO, discussed about the various challenges of current architecture related to computing workloads, networking requirements and storage amounts. He advocated Microservices and MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) as the solutions to increasing architectural challenges. Under fog computing, the tasks are solved right where they are. GPUs per him, are 100 times more powerful than the usual CPUs.

Verisign – NameStudio API

Ebrahim Keshavarz – Product Management at Verisign, introduced company’s new NameStudio API – a sophisticated domain names’ suggestion tool that can deliver countless .com and .net domain names and suggest relevant domains across a large number of TLDs.

He said that the domain names are the common denominator for various online services.

And thus, finding the perfect domain name is very important. Verisign’s NameStudio API is backed with various machine learning algorithms and can be easily integrated across any online platform.

Hubgets – Communication against the machine

Bogdan Carstoiu – the CEO at Hubgets, talked about the increasingly growing market for unified communications. He discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having a strong implication in the communication industry. AI based smart bots can save a lot of time wasted in repetitive tasks by suggesting answers to the people.

Solar Archive – Delivering Shareholder value as a Managed Service Provider

David Clayton – non-executive director at Solar Archive, talked about the shareholder value and how can MSPs maintain the capital flow in their business.
He identified infrastructure, talent, brand and many other points as important assets of a cloud MSP.

He discussed the importance of investing in right infrastructure and talent to manage the MSP business and grow revenue. The must-haves of a successful MSPs are:

Here, he also emphasized the importance of email archiving which he said will grow at a CAGR of 14% during 2015-2019. 60% of the business data is on email as such it is important to protect and secure the email conversations. Here, MSPs stand a huge opportunity by offering email archiving services.

VMware – Avoid the Silo

Graham Crich – EMEA Director at VMware Cloud Provider Program at VMware, talked about the evolution of the computing from mainframe to mini and present-day virtualization platforms. He also discussed about the silos that are being built across a particular cloud service and how cloud providers can help their end customers break these silos.

He talked about VMware and AWS partnership and how this will lead to new opportunities for the cloud providers. As session takeaways, he advised CSPs to avoid being siloed, by embracing the whole hybrid cloud operating model and choosing the right tools and management layer to integrate the multi-cloud environment.

InterNetX – Hitting the cloud with Kubernetes

Killian Ries – Senior System Engineer and Marco Revesz – Business Automation Evangelist, at InterNetX, talked about Kubernetes and how they migrated a monolithic application to a micro-service based cloud application which was hosted on Kubernetes. Through a case study, they presented a solution to develop, deploy and run an application on modern DevOps standards.

Infradata – Evolution of Hosting

Remco Hobo – security architect at Infradata, talked about the evolution of the hosting industry. He identified digital economy, customer demands and technology as major drivers of the current technology landscape. He brought in the various challenges and opportunities of hosting industry:

Here, hosting providers need to specialize in their specific sectors to stay relevant in the highly competitive market.

Asseco Data Systems – Security in the Cloud

Andrzej Dopierala – President of the Management Board at Asseco Data Systems, talked about the security in the cloud. He discussed the rising security challenges in the digital market. Here, he introduced various tools like SimplySign for PDF signing, Certum Code Signing, Certum SSL and Certum Email Signing as the most popular trust services. By expanding these services to the cloud, the security of data can be enhanced.

e-shelter services – Colocation, enabler for Hybrid and Multi-cloud solutions

Toan Nguyen – Director Business Development & Cloud Platform at e-shelter services, talked about colocation services and how they can be the enabler for hybrid and multi cloud solutions.

He said that the cloud, Edge Computing, IoT and digitalization are the leading trends that drive customer’s demand for scalable and agile data centers. This will require the present-day data center and colocation service providers to reframe their business strategies to answer the evolving customer needs.

He emphasized the role of colocation data center and connectivity as the key for digital transformation.

HPE – Cloud28+ – Beyond a Single cloud story

Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps – VP Service Providers and Cloud28+ WW at HPE, discussed about HPE’s partner ecosystem and how it helps partners to extend their sales reach and create new revenue opportunities. He told how HPE is combining hybrid IT innovations – software defined infrastructure, private cloud with the speed and agility of public cloud, and management of multi-cloud and Hyperconverged infrastructure to redefine cloud at the edge.

He also announced new updates to the Cloud28+ platform.

Apart from the sessions, there were various innovative products and technology models that were presented during the event. One of the mention worthy products was RackNap which is a cloud services delivery platform. We got in touch with its COO (Chief Operating Officer) Sabarinathan Sampath, who told us about the product in detail, and how it is helping businesses globally to automate their products/services delivery.

CloudFest had some out-of-the-box sessions by Technology Futurist – Ian Khan, who is a strong advocator of technologies like cloud, AI and blockchain. He said, “If business success can be attributed to one thing, it is trust,” and that should be the base when companies interact with new systems.

Alexander Schulz, Slackline World Record Holder, motivated the attendees by sharing his own experience of becoming a slackline record holder. He said that stepping out of the comfort zone is one of the important steps towards achieving success in personal as well as professional front.

CloudFest, overall, was an event that celebrated cloud every day and through every session. We are very excited for the next edition of CloudFest.

Meanwhile, you can have a look at the short video on CloudFest:

Cloud Event Hosting

CloudFest 2018 – the most celebrated cloud and hosting industry event is back!

The premier global hosting and cloud event – CloudFest 2018 (earlier, is scheduled to take place in Rust, Germany between March 10 – 16, this year.

The event will bring together the 200+ exhibition partners and attendees from the cloud, hosting and service provider industries to explore and access the latest innovations, technologies and trends that drive today’s digital communication.

This year, the event is a must-attend as it focuses on – growth, connectivity and learning, providing cloud professionals access to the latest happenings and unique networking opportunities with the knowledgeable sessions, cool breakout sessions and legendary after-sessions’ parties.

The list of attendees has already crossed the 6500 mark and comprises cloud professionals, VARs, system integrators, registrars and telecom operators from 84 countries.

CloudFest, this year, has also introduced some exciting new programs like Investor Lounge and startup.FAIR. While the Investor Lounge will bring biggest names in the technology and venture capitalists together, the startup.FAIR will help promote new entrants in the cloud market.

The event will not only include the technology experts but will also include the newsmakers, celebrities and influencers from various fields including government and media. The list includes names like Sophia the social humanoid robot, Billy MorrisonGuitar and Musical entrepreneur, Alexander SchulzSlackliner, World Record Holder and Ian Khan, the technology futurist.

Apart from these, the event will also witness some expert leaders’ keynote sessions – Laurent Allard (Executive Board Member, head of Strategic Development, Vice Chairman, OVH), Arnold Blinn (Chief Architect, GoDaddy), Ulrich Walter (Systems Cloud & HPC Sales Leader D-A-CH), Jan Loeffler (CTO, Plesk) and many others.

The event will also have its popular pre-program – CloudFest Hackathon, which will see the coming together of open-source communities, developers and partners to explore and solve the real-life open-source problems.

The event partners include Intel and .com powered by Verisign as the Diamond PLUS partners and Title sponsors. Other partners include Dell EMC, cPanel, HPE, Lenovo, IBM, VMware and many others.

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The event will be conducted in the beautiful ambience of the Europa-Park and is going to be the ultimate combination of technology and fun.

As the media partner of this amazing event, DHN readers can register themselves for free using code CF18JUJ.

Stay tuned for getting more updates on CloudFest 2018!

Domain Infographics

An Infographic: 15 Interesting Facts About the .net TLD

.net TLD recently surpassed 15 million .net domains registered globally, making it one of the most popular domain extensions on the Internet today. To mark this momentous occasion, Verisign, the operator of the infrastructure for a portfolio of top-level domains including .net and .com, pulled together 15 facts about .net, which go as follows:

15 Facts About .net:

1: Almost 139,000 domains registered in other top-level domains (TLDs) immediately forward to the same name, but as a .net site.

2: The first domain name to ever exist was a .net. While the first domain name to be registered was the now famous, it is a lesser known fact that the very first domain name ever to exist was was created by the registry with the same name as the first Internet rootserver ( later went on to be the first domain name to go through the full registration process.

3: Due to its unique status .net is not among the six other original generic top-level-domains in RFC920, the document which outlines the original domain name conventions. It was still created on the same day as the others though – 1/1/1985.

4: Today the .net zone sits over 15 million registered domains, roughly 10 times more than in the year 2000 when there were about 1.5 million registered.

5: The .net zone has doubled in size since 2006.

6: In 2012, the average character length of .net domain names created was 12 characters.

7: As social media grows in popularity, a trend of registering domain names and pointing them to social media accounts is emerging; most notably on Facebook. As of March 2013, 6,503 .net domain names pointed to Facebook. This is up from 5,039 in March 2012. That’s almost a 23% annual growth rate.

8: Approximately half of the 15 million .net domains registered today are registered within the United States.

9: .net domain names are hosted in more than 200 countries worldwide.

10: Almost half (48%) of the .net domains registered in India have e-commerce functionality on their sites.

11: A single .net domain name can be registered in as many as 350 different native languages thanks to internationalized-domain-names (IDNs). IDNs make the Internet more globally accessible and functional by enabling domain names in non-ASCII characters.

12: Verisign applied for three transliterations of .net in Hangul, Simplified Chinese, and Devanagari last year through ICANN’s new gTLD program.

13: The percentage of the total base of .net domain names that are registered in Japan (2.51%) is almost twice that of the percentage of the total base of .com domains that are registered in Japan (1.43%).

14: DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) adds security to the DNS. Compared to .com, .net has almost double the percentage of DNSSEC enabled domains today.

15: Today, more than 99.9% of 6+ character .net domain names are available.

To learn more about .net and see if the domain name you want is available, visit

Event Hosting Interviews News

ResellerClub Hosting Summit 2013 to Take Place at New Delhi, India on October 17th and 18th

ResellerClub Hosting Summit 2013 (RCHS), the 2nd edition of ResellerClub’s Hosting Conference, will take place at Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon, in New Delhi, India on 17th & 18th of October 2013. The registrations for the summit will open Mid-July.

We want to make sure that we can truly expand ResellerClub Hosting Summit 2013 in terms of the diversity that exists within the audience because that’s really what exhibitors and audience would want, to interact with their counterparts from other countries as well. – Shridhar Luthria, General Manager & Business Head, ResellerClub.
Shridhar Luthria, General Manager & Business Head, ResellerClub

In an Interview with DailyHostNews a month back, Shridhar Luthria, General Manager & Business Head, ResellerClub said “There are three most essential aspects of any conference – the quality of speakers and sessions held, the sort of exhibitors that participate, and of course the number of people that attend the event. RCHS 2012 met with huge success in all three areas.”

“The speakers last year did a fantastic job and we had a huge gathering of Indian resellers and service providers. One other aspect that we are planning to bring in this time is to invite our partners from all across the Asia. We are looking at the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and China. We want to make sure that we can truly expand ResellerClub Hosting Summit 2013 in terms of the diversity that exists within the audience because that’s really what exhibitors and audience would want, to interact with their counterparts from other countries as well,” he added.

According to the event’s website, ResellerClub Hosting Summit 2013 is expected to attract over 2,800 attendees that will include Domain & Hosting Resellers, Web Designers, Datacenters, Hosting Companies, ISPs etc.

Several key industry players such as Verisign, .ORG, cPanel, .CO, .ASIA and HostGator have confirmed their participation and sponsorship for the event.

The inaugural edition of RCHS held last year in Mumbai, India had 4150 registrations and drew over 1850 attendees. The event garnered participation from over 30 major industry brands including Verisign, ICANN, Microsoft and Google.

“While there have been hosting related conferences such as the recently concluded WHD.India that cater to the Asian Web Services Industry, RCHS is now acknowledged as Asia’s largest event targeted exclusively at the hosting Industry which makes it the perfect opportunity for global players to discover the potential of a vast, untapped and emerging market and create a foothold as a thought leader in one of the fastest growing markets in the world,” Bhavin Turakhia, Founder & CEO, Directi.

For more information on the venue details and marketing and sponsorship opportunities available at RCHS 2013, click here.

Domain Infographics Start-Ups Technology

An Infographic: 99.9% of Domains That Have Six or More Characters Available on the .net Domain

Today, being on the Internet is becoming increasingly important for anyone who thinks of owning a business. The Internet opens up a new world for start-ups, savvy businessman or smart entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the opportunity to spread their business globally.

After deciding the business model, the next thing on the agenda is to finalise an interesting name for the business so that it can be easily searched by people and at the same time, relates to the nature of the business. And then follows the urge to acquire an Internet domain name for the company at the earliest.

For people with innovative business ideas, there are millions of possibilities for the website to be hosted on the world’s best domains, such as .com and .net – yes, it is not as difficult as one thinks to get the name they want for their website! If a business should have an identity online, one can simply choose the domains that help them get that recognition which will define their presence on internet. .com and .net domain names are among the most recognized on the internet.

While .com is a great option and the most sought after for businesses across the world, .net is a rising alternative especially for entrepreneurs building their businesses online. Here’s why: it allows businesses to

  • Be authentic by aligning the business with a domain that is widely recognized.
  • Be confident with a domain that has been connecting businesses and customers online with 100% reliability, availability and security for over 15 years.
  • Be recognizable by choosing the name the owner really wants on a best-in-class domain.

But fret not: the .net names are not all gone! Today, 99.9% of domains that have six or more characters are available on the .net domain. The following infographic illustrates this:

New Products News Technology WHD India

Dr. Burt, Verisign, Tells How DNSSEC Based DANE Secures Internet Transactions at WHD.India 2013

In his session titled “Innovating with the domain name system: New opportunities enabled by trusted key distribution”, Dr. Burt Kaliski Jr, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Verisign today threw light on DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE); a working group formed by ITEF that seeks to replace the aging CA certification model with one based on DNSSEC deployed at the DNS root to simplify and strengthen the distribution of validated credentials from the issuer to the relying party.

Beginning with highlighting the evolution of Internet based applications in India , he termed India as a “Unique Convergence of Different Markets.”

This was followed by a brief introduction of DNS (referred by Dr. Burt as “Phonebook of Phonebooks”) and it’s modus operandi, Dr. Burt pointed out some gaping holes in the existing CA system, like its vulnerability to Man in the Middle attacks, lack of transparency etc. and then proceeded to explain how DANE helps mitigate the same and bring some additional value to secure data transmission on the Internet.

In contrast to certification authorities which have multiple third-party, the premise of DANE (Adding Keys to Phonebooks) is more of a direct interaction between clients and the domains they interact with, secured by DNSSEC (Adding security to Phonebook Entries).

DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension) protects the DNS data from being forged, by first verifying data origin authenticity and then using public key cryptography to preserve its integrity as it moves across the web.

DANE hence verifies TLS handshakes only from DNSSEC- protected data, thereby eliminating the possibilities of MitM attacks and cache poisoning.

Mr. Burt talked at great length about the benefits of DANE for various Internet-hosted applications like e-commerce, online banking, email, VoIP, online software distribution etc. and emphasized how these benefits can only be realized fully by cohesive contributions from the entire internet community, including registries, registrars, registrants, software developers, hosting companies, hardware vendors, etc.

Dr. Burt Kaliski Jr Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Verisign at WorldHostingDays

Verisign has been using, as Mr.Burt put it,“top-down key distribution model” to ensure operational deployment of DANE and DNSSEC at smaller zones first; moving to larger zones as it meets compatibility and acceptance among the grass-root community.

Mr. Burt explained how Verisign is helping IT community members drive down the DNSSEC implementation costs by providing various tools, training options, services, support etc.

He also mentioned Verisign’s DNSSEC Interoperability Lab that allows IT community to test the compatibility of their internet and business infrastructure components with DNSSEC in advance to determine the impact DNSSEC might have on the solutions and services they offer.

The traction that DANE protocol has been gaining with time, along with the promise it demonstrates of securing online transactions using DNSSEC, makes its journey and effect it might have in the realm of operational Internet security worth watching.

The next session lined up is “Winning in India – Creating new markets and seizing opportunities” by Rajiv Sodhi, Vice President and Managing Director, Go Daddy at 3:00 PM IST.

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