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Companies can now register .inc domain for business websites

A new top-level domain (TLD) is coming to the scene that is especially meant for businesses. Called “.inc”, the new TLD will be operated by Intercap Registry Inc.

Today, the names of millions of companies end with “Inc.” The new domain will allow the companies to end their website address with the same.

The .inc domain name will available to register in the official language of more than 190 countries. It can be used by any business—from startups to newsrooms to investor relations.

Having a .inc at the end of a web address can help businesses gain credibility and show that they mean business.

Businesses that register the new TLD will get free member benefits worth $2500 from leading brands. For instance, they will get up to $1,000 in free transaction fee credits from Square, free press release on GlobeNewsWire to announce new .inc website, free $100 credit for sponsored listings on Indeed, $150 ad spending match for Google Ads.

They will also get free website migration with no downtime or impact to search engine optimization (SEO).

“We recommend every business, both in the US and abroad, highly consider registering their trademarks in the .inc namespace at SafeBrands,” said Matthieu Aubert, director of Legal and manager of Partner Relations for SafeBrands.

“.inc is delivering unprecedented value to businesses through their extensive naming options and free member benefits. SafeBrands is pleased to be adding additional value with three months of free domain monitoring included exclusively for our clients.”

Further, the new TLD will help businesses to prevent cybersquatting. It is now available for priority trademark registration till April 30, and can be registered here. From April 30 till May 7, it will be available for priority public registration, and then become available for global public registration. The priority trademark registration is priced at around $3,500.

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“.inc gives every business the opportunity to secure one of its most important assets – a premium web address,” said Shayan Rostam, chief strategic advisor to the Intercap TLD portfolio.

“By pairing desirable .inc domains with a flat premium price and popular business services, .inc has positioned itself as the black card of the internet.”

Domain Newss

Google’s .dev domain name for developers now available at standard prices

Google Registry has launched the .dev top-level domain (TLD) for developers and other tech geeks associated with development.

The .dev was announced last month but it was available only for Early Access registrations with an additional fee. Now it is available at a base annual price through most of the registrars.

“We hope .dev will be a new home for you to build your communities, learn the latest tech and showcase your projects—all with a perfect domain name,” wrote Google in a blog post.

“We envision .dev as a home for developers. From tools to programming languages to blogs, .dev is the best place for all the amazing things that you build.”

Like the previously launched .APP and .PAGE domain name extensions, the .dev TLD too will have HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) by default. What this means is that the new TLD will come with built-in security. This will enable protection against ad malware and tracking injection by ISPs, as well as safeguard against spying on open Wi-Fi networks.

Google itself has launched its own developer websites on .dev domain. These sites include,,,,,, and

Other than Google, many other companies and individuals also have registered the .dev domain. For instance, reach Women Who Code at, software solutions for developers by JetBrains at, learn development skills at, learn app development on Salesforce at, etc.

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The standard price of .dev domain name is between $12 to $15. The price varies depending on the registrar.

Image source: Google

Domain Hosting

Domain name registrations count totals 342.4M in Q3 2018: Verisign report

The global domain name registrations count has reached 342.4 million across all top-level domains (TLDs) in the third quarter of 2018, finds Verisign.

The data reveals that around 2.6 million new domain names were registered in Q3. Domain name registrations have increased by 0.8%quarterly and 3.5% year-over-year.

total domain name registrations

.com and .net TLDs count

The number of .com and .net TLDs together totaled around 151.7 million at end of Q3 2018, representing an increase of 2 million new domain name registrations (1.3%), as compared to second quarter 2018. These domain names combinedly increased by 4% YoY (5.9 million).

At the end of Q3 2018, the total number of .com and .net domain name base was found approximately 137.6 million and 14.1 million domain name registrations, respectively.

Talking about new .com and .net domain name registrations in Q3, these together totaled to around 9.5 million domain name registrations. At the end of same quarter last year, this total was 8.9 million.

.com and .net

Top 10 largest TLDs

At the end of Q3 2018, the top 10 TLDs globally included .com, .cn (China), .tk (Tokelau), .de (Germany), .net, .uk (United Kingdom), .org, .ru (Russia), .nl (Netherlands), and .info.

largest TLDs

ccTLD domain name registrations

According to Verisign, the count of country-code TLD (ccTLD) domain name registrations totaled to 149.3 million, decreasing by 0.3% (0.5 million) compared to Q2 2018. By YoY, the count has seen rise of 3.2% (4.6 million).

Top 10 ccTLDs

At the end of Q3 2018, the top 10 TLDs were .cn (China), .tk (Tokelau), .de (Germany), .uk (United Kingdom), .ru (Russian Federation), .nl (Netherlands), .br (Brazil), .eu (European Union), .fr (France), and .au (Australia).

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top ccTLDs

ngTLD domain name registrations

The total number of ngTLD domain name registrations reached 23.4 million at the end of Q3 2018, up 7.5% (1.6 million) from Q2 2018.

These domain names increased by 10.9% (2.3 million) year over year. The top 10 ngTLDs accounted for around 52.6% of all ngTLD domain name registrations.

Domain Newss

Google Registry launches .page domain names with security baked in by default

In May this year, Google had launched the .APP domain extension, three years after acquiring the rights to manage it. The search engine giant is now unveiling .page top-level domain (TLD) as a part of an Early Access Program.

A TLD is the last part of a domain name, like .COM or .ORG. While the .APP TLD was built specifically for apps and app developers, the .page is a new opportunity for anyone to build an online presence.

Like .APP domain extensions, the .page TLD too will have Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) by default. This means that the .page TLDs will come with built-in security. This will enable protection against ad malware and tracking injection by ISPs, as well as safeguard against spying on open Wi-Fi networks.

“Whether you’re writing a blog, getting your business online, or promoting your latest project, .page makes it simple and more secure to get the word out about the unique things you do,” wrote Ben Fried, VP, CIO, & Chief Domains Enthusiast, in a blog post.

Several businesses and individuals are already using for their personal sites. For instance, Ellen Page, an Academy Award-nominated Canadian actress and producer, is using it for her website Ellen.Page.

Web.Page is another website which is dedicated to collaboration between a group of designers and developers who will offer a monthly online magazine with design techniques, strategies, and inspiration.

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.page domains are currently available through Early Access Program. Users can get the desired .page domain name from participating registrar partners at an additional cost. The standard registrations will become available on October 9th.

Cloud Event Hosting

Indian markets provide hosts of opportunities in the Internet Infrastructure space – CloudFest India 2018

The CloudFest India 2018 that was held in Mumbai, India on May 23rd comprised jampacked sessions and informative keynotes that ensured that the day was full of knowledge and innumerable networking exchanges.

There were talks on domains; net neutrality; tips to help hosting providers become cloud solutions providers; and internet market opportunities for startups and SMBs, just to name a few.

CloudFest 2018

India, with 4.9 million registered domains (as of Q4 2016) and 51 million SMBs represents a huge market for the internet industry.

The Chief Product Officer at GoDaddy – Steven Aldrich, opened the keynotes for the day, throwing light on how independent ventures are growing in India, and how they will drive global employment.

Later, an interesting session on net neutrality was taken by Tim Wu – American lawyer and professor at Columbia Law School with Seoren von Varchmin – CEO, Cloudfest as the moderator. Tim discussed about the state of IT in the context of India market.

Vice-President – Naming Services, APAC at Verisign – Manish Dalal, talked about the fundamental trends that drive the demand for domain names and how they are related to cloud hosting.

One of the important sessions was taken by Alan Keller – CRO at Duda, who talked about the closing gap between websites and apps and how this can save the internet for SMBs. Websites lack the smooth and fast experience provided by apps. But, developing an app, and submitting it to an app store is somehow time-consuming and difficult for SMBs.

To save businesses from getting stuck in the functionality of a website, Google started pushing websites to adopt app like functionality with Progressive Web Apps (PWA). The PWA technology will help businesses run websites with app like functionalities embedded.

Later, Praveen Bhadada – Partner & Practice Head at Zinnov, shared the key findings of their State of the Domain Industry Report.

The report highlighted the increasing count of domain names in India with a stronger growth as compared to the global markets. .com domain had 57% share of the Indian Domain Name Industry in 2017.

CloudFest 2018

You can read complete coverage of the report here.

Rajendran Dhandapani, Director of Engineering at Zoho, discussed the cloud trends and how hosting services industry is evolving with cloud technologies. He said that the hosting providers should be vigilant in choosing their technology partner while moving towards the cloud.

The event partners included names like GoDaddy, Duda, Zoho, ConnectReseller, Domain Dhaba, Donuts, Serveroft, E2E Networks and many others.

With CloudFest coming to an end successfully this year, most people, including us will be eagerly waiting for the announcement of dates for the next year’s CloudFest India.

Stay tuned for the latest hosting and cloud industry news.

Images Source: CloudFest 


101 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Domain Names

Why Not Getting the .COM TLD You Want Might Not Be the End of the World?

As the Internet continues to grow exponentially, more of its most valued real estate – the .com, is no longer available for new entrants into the domain market. For many, this can be disheartening, especially when that million-dollar idea and million-dollar name took hours to research, plan and draw-up. Though a .com TLD (Top Level Domain) remains the premier TLD in use, other options do exist and may actually be cheaper and better for your brand.

According to domain facts from, a vast array of country and regional TLDs, along with industry and sector-based non-government TLDs exist and are vastly under-populated, meaning getting that perfect domain name may be cheaper and easier than you think.

Most Common Alternative

When it comes to online real estate the second most popular domain TLD is .net. For those who are unable to register their sought-after name as a .com, there is a chance that .net is available. Though not nearly as popular as .com extensions, .net is still used by many of the world’s top brands and are a great alternative if a .com isn’t available.

Cheapest Options

For those looking for a cheaper entry point into the world of online domain ownership many cheap and even free options exist. Up until 1995 .com domains were free to register and since have seen price upsurges. The TLD .xyz is the most used non-governmental TLD and it costs only 59cents to register your domain. Other cheaper options are the free domains registered to the .tk, .cf, .ga, .ml, .cu or .cc TLDs. With these options, it’s possible for anyone to get a piece of the Internet real estate market for little to no investment.

Sector Specific Options

For those looking to register a domain that fits into a specific sector or niche, sector-specific TLDs are a great option. For example, if you were a company looking at releasing a mobile app, the .app TLD may be just what you’re looking for. Other in-demand TLDs that are sector or niche specific include .fan, .web and .club. For those looking for even more TLD freedom, a frequently used technique is to adapt country TLDs to commercial purposes. Examples of this are using something like .dj, the TLD for Djibouti, if you are a disc jockey, or .co (Colombia) to represent corporation or company. By using your imagination, you can increase the possible TLDs available to you and add a little spin on how you market your brand.

Country & Region Options

Another great option for brands and businesses that operate in a specific region or territory is to register their preferred domain name with a country-specific TLD. For example, a Canadian company selling products or services to a Canadian consumer base can register a .ca TLD, or a United Kingdom-based company can do the same with a .uk extension. Currently, top country-specific domain registrations are led by China’s .cn TLD, and other top countries specific TLDs including .de for Germany, .ru for Russia and .tk for Tokelau.

Regardless of your domain’s TLD, the truth is you will need to market your address to draw traffic regardless. In the event you can’t get your brand’s exact .com TLD, these are just a few ways to solve the problem, adding a unique marketing angle and possibly saving you money at the same time.

Here’s a quick infographic that will give you a brief about domain names and facts associated with them:

Hosting New Products News Partnership Technology

WHMCS Announces Integration of eNom New TLD portal in Version 5.2.3

eNom, Inc., an ICANN accredited wholesale registrar and WHMCS, a billing and support solutions company, have announced the inclusion of eNom’s new TLD program in the recently launched WHMCS Version 5.2.3 software. This update will allow WHMCS users the unique opportunity to participate in all aspects of the initial phases of the new TLD launch, including the Sunrise and Landrush periods. A while back, WHMCS announced the release of WHMCS Version 5.2.

We are an advocate and true believer in the introduction of new TLDs, as it will change how the world uses the Web, Our partnership with eNom demonstrates our commitment to be at the forefront of this new digital endeavor. said Aaron Phillips, vice president of business development for WHMCS.

No matter who you are, as long as you’re a WHMCS customer you can very easily participate in this historic event. We have made a significant technology enhancements to ensure that our resellers have access to participating in what we believe will be a very lucrative opportunity for them with the launch of new domain extensions.
Chris Sheridan, VP, business development, eNom.
Chris Sheridan, VP, business development, eNom.

Today’s announcement is the result of a long collaboration between eNom and WHMCS in raising the visibility of new TLDs to the sizeable number of customers using both companies’ solutions. Back in November 2012, the companies announced a New-TLD-WHMCS add-on available to all WHMCS customers already on the eNom platform. With the release of 5.2.3, all WHMCS customers are now able to simply integrate and oversee the entire new TLD process – from supporting the trademark windows to granting access to new domain extensions the exact minute they go live.

No matter who you are, as long as you’re a WHMCS customer you can very easily participate in this historic event. We have made a significant technology enhancements to ensure that our resellers have access to participating in what we believe will be a very lucrative opportunity for them with the launch of new domain extensions. No other registrar has executed a comparable initiative, establishing eNom as an essential partner for organizations interested in the innovative gTLD market. said Chris Sheridan, vice president of business development for eNom.

eNom is rolling out new modules to help customers take orders for the Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability periods of TLD launches occurring in the months ahead. These modules are powered by the robust and comprehensive eNom technology platform, which supports over 15M domain names and 8,800 resellers. The first module available is the new gTLD Watchlist, which captures expressions of interest from customers to drive leads and revenue associated with new domain name extensions.

News Partnership

Directi, Tucows and Namecheap Partner to Manage .online Registry for ICANN’s new gTLD program

Domain industry veterans Directi, Tucows and Namecheap have announced formation of an alliance  to manage the .online registry. Directi and Tucows are  known for their wholesale platforms and the large, global domain name reseller channels they manage. Namecheap, a top-ten retail registrar, is best known for its strong consumer brand and emphasis on customer service.

The move comes as ICANN accepted nearly 2,000 applications from prospective registries who would like to manage their own TLDs as  part of its New Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program. It’s highly likely that we may see other partnerships formed in the coming days  as ICANN has encouraged applicants not to compete for auction but to team up on gTLD strings to  save themselves considerable time and money.

The three companies each bring significant capital to the table to launch and operate the .online registry. They bring a wealth of experience and capabilities, from registry management to wholesale distribution to retail service. Perhaps most importantly, they bring enormous global reach. Between their wholesale and retail operations, Directi, Tucows and Namecheap combined reach over 40 million small businesses and other hosting customers around the world.

“This partnership makes perfect sense for us and it makes perfect sense for .online registrants. Between the three of us and all our properties, we know we can deliver an outstanding .online experience to resellers and end users in every corner of the world.” said Directi CEO & Founder, Bhavin Turakhia, Tucows CEO Elliot Noss and Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall.

About Directi
A $350m+ group of businesses, Directi provides various web products and services to millions of global users. Directi businesses include ResellerClub, LogicBoxes, BigRock, Skenzo, and Radix Registry. For more information, please visit

About Tucows
Tucows is a global Internet services company having services like OpenSRS, Hover, Ting and  YummyNames.  More information can be found on

About Namecheap
Namecheap is a Los Angeles-based ICANN accredited domain registrar founded in 2000 by CEO Richard Kirkendall. With nearly 1 million satisfied clients and over 3 million domain names under management, Namecheap is one of the top ten domain registrars in the world. Find out more  at

Domain New Products News Technology

LogicBoxes Launches Integrate Vertically Service for New gTLD Operators

LogicBoxes, the developer of OrderBox , a Registrar automation product currently used by over 100 ICANN Accredited Registrars, announced the launch of a new solution, ‘Integrate Vertically’, tailored to meet the needs of New gTLD operators. The solution is meant for those New gTLD operators that wish to set-up a Registrar subsidiary to distribute their TLDs to resellers, end-customers or internal users, without depending exclusively on existing Registrars.

LogicBoxes Launches Integrate Vertically Service for New gTLD Operators

The electric fence that divided registry and registrar operations since 1999 has been torn down. gTLDs will soon out-number the active Registrars but their shelf space will be very limited. Incumbent Registrars will not be able to focus on all gTLDs as they do today. New gTLD operators need to plan their distribution strategy and evaluate the need to setup a registrar subsidiary. – Sandeep Ramchandani, Business Head, LogicBoxes.
 Sandeep Ramchandani, Business Head, LogicBoxes.

“The electric fence that divided registry and registrar operations since 1999 has been torn down. gTLDs will soon out-number the active Registrars but their shelf space will be very limited. Incumbent Registrars will not be able to focus on all gTLDs as they do today. New gTLD operators need to plan their distribution strategy and evaluate the need to setup a registrar subsidiary” said Sandeep Ramchandani, Business Head of LogicBoxes.

The solution consists of a comprehensive package which offers consultancy to take New gTLD bidders through the ICANN Registrar Accreditation process, front-end and back-end registrar software set-up (using OrderBox), process and compliance management (to ensure that all clients are prepared to manage Registrar functions), and even includes white-labeled end-customer support. Once integrated, all New gTLD clients will be in an advantageous position to channel their string to LogicBoxes’ existing base of 100+ Registrars and 100,000+ Resellers. You can find more information on LogicBoxes’ latest New gTLD offering on their website here:

About LogicBoxes:
LogicBoxes is a Technology & Consultancy Company providing Business Solutions exclusively to the large players of the Web Products & Services Industry – including New gTLD Applicants, ICANN Registrars, Domain Registries, Large Web Hosts and Domain Resellers. LogicBoxes is the world’s premiere ICANN Accreditation Consultancy provider. Over 20% of the world’s ICANN Accredited Registrars have been accredited through the LogicBoxes Consultancy Service. Additionally, LogicBoxes also offers a renowned turnkey SaaS platform – OrderBox, which provides end-to-end business automation to clients. LogicBoxes currently powers over 7 Million domains across the world through an extensive network of over 100+ registrars and 100,000+ resellers.