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World Cloud Summit 2017 to help CSPs, MSPs, Telcos and Datacenters to capitalize on rapidly growing cloud industry 

World Cloud Summit (WCS) 2017, the exclusive virtual event for the cloud, web hosting, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and other IT industry professionals, is scheduled to be held on 5th and 6th December 2017.

Cloud market is becoming increasingly promising, and over 84% enterprises have planned to move their large workloads to the cloud within the next two years, according to a recent survey.

The event has been organized to virtually bring the cloud and IT industry thought leaders on a single platform to share their ideas on how one can capitalize the booming cloud opportunity.

The industry experts will discuss the emerging trends that are shaping the future of the IT industry, and will help identify areas where biggest opportunities lie for the emerging businesses.

WCS is going to help enterprises learn new strategies, identify and address the evolving needs of clients who are ready to adopt the cloud solutions.

CSPs, MSPs, Telcos and Datacenters have four industry specific sessions on 5th December which have been tailored to their interests and focus areas-

1. Building an enterprise cloud strategy aligning with industry trends.

2. Workload and application migration to Azure: A path to recurring revenue.

3. How service providers can offer a ready to code and secure platform?

4. Simplifying management and delivery of cloud services.

WCS will help you better understand how you can optimize your business model to incorporate new services across different verticals that present better business opportunities, build a profitable roadmap as per changing industry scenario, grow to become a leading solutions provider, and meet customer expectations with better service delivery and support.

Many leading IT companies including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Tata Communications, ZNetLive, RackNap and Plesk, are the partners of WCS 2017.

The eminent personalities speaking at the event include Pradeep Jhunjhunwala, Technology Strategist, Microsoft; Krishnan Kannan, Head, Cloud Economics, AWS; Rajesh Awasthi, AVP – Global Hosting & Cloud Services, Tata Communications Limited; Guruprit Ahuja, CEO and Co-founder, RackNap; Jan Loeffler, CTO, Plesk; Munesh Jadoun, CEO and Founder, ZNetLive; Sabarinathan Sampath, Senior Vice President, RackNap; among others.  You can know more about WCS 2017 and register yourself here.

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Tata Communications launches new private cloud nodes in Europe and Asia

Tata Communications – the leading provider of network, cloud and security services, has announced establishment of three new nodes for its IZO Private Cloud service, in Germany, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Malaysia.

The three news nodes will help organizations manage their Hybrid cloud environment and meet data regulatory requirements.

Cloud is becoming the major enabler and driver of digital transformation across enterprises. But the organizations also face the issue of managing diverse cloud environments, while maintaining data sovereignty.

Tata Communications’ IZO Private Cloud was designed to address this challenge faced by the organizations – by providing a completely managed hybrid cloud environment, helping organizations manage different cloud, hosting and infrastructure components under one roof. This will empower organizations with increased flexibility supporting their digital transformation goals.

With fully managed IZO Private Cloud service, organizations will also be able to manage employee demands for better collaboration and keep the company data safe.

Talking about the move, Srinivasan CR, Senior VP, Global Product Management & DC services at Tata Communications, said that the growing usage of cloud-based apps and data is also increasing the security concerns for CIOs who continuously seek ways to protect company’s confidential data.

As a global provider of cloud services, Tata Communications “address these concerns by giving CIOs complete visibility and control over their entire IT estate, across all networks and devices, and empower them to drive organization-wide digital transformation with maximum agility.” – Srinivasan added.

The company has always tried to provide better connectivity and security options through its various amalgamations and expansions. Earlier this month, it joined hands with Alibaba Cloud to meet the same objective.

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Datacenter News

Rising Cloud adoption rate drives datacenter industry growth

The year 2017 seem to be extremely promising for the datacenter Industry, as it has been witnessing a rising demand for IT infrastructure management outside the on-premise ecosystem and varying consumer demands with the cloud trend.

The booming cloud opportunity and accelerated cloud adoption rates require more datacenter space and capacity. And at this stage, when companies are experimenting with new products and business models, the need for a flexible infrastructure is imperative.

Companies look for better opportunities resulting in mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

By combining efforts, companies can explore more opportunities and ways to deliver better services to the end customer.

The recent partnership announcement between Tata Communications and Alibaba Cloud is the best example of how companies are synergizing efforts.

Alibaba Cloud is the leading cloud computing arm of Chinese e-commerce giant – Alibaba Group. After getting into a partnership with Tata Communications, the company also announced its decision to open two new datacenters in Mumbai, India and Jakarta, Indonesia. The company plans to make the DC operational by the end of 31st March, 2018.

Simon Hu, Senior VP, Alibaba Group and President, Alibaba Cloud, said,” Establishing datacenters in India and Indonesia will further strengthen our position in the region and across the globe.”

Alibaba Cloud has 14 international Datacenters in operation, and these two new datacenters will provide a comprehensive set of services, allowing businesses to manage their IT infrastructure with Alibaba Cloud and run mission-critical applications on it.

Companies are expanding the cloud business and scale. Leading cloud player IBM also acquired Verizon’s Private cloud and hosting business, earlier in May 2017 with an objective to improve its cloud service portfolio.

Such Mergers & Acquisitions will strengthen and shape the future of datacenter industry and bring more capacity to them.


Tata Communications and Alibaba Cloud join hands to provide enterprises with fast, secure network

Tata Communications announced a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud to help customers from over 150 countries to connect to Alibaba Cloud’s ExpressConnect through their IZO Private Cloud service.

Tata communications’ IZO Private Connect will provide enterprises easy connectivity with Alibaba Cloud’s ExpressConnect, which is a dedicated medium of connecting customers with their Virtual Private Clouds.

The announcement, which was made at the Cloud Computing Conference of Alibaba Cloud held at Shanghai, China, will provide organizations with better cloud connectivity and scalability.

Yeming Wang, Deputy GM of Alibaba Cloud Global said, “We look forward to working closely with Tata Communications in a bid to provide an exciting proposition with great connectivity for global enterprises wanting to enter China and for Chinese enterprises looking to go global with ease and convenience.”

The computing unit of Alibaba Group – Alibaba Cloud, provides various database management, storage, networking and security services with global deployment flexibility.

The President of Global Network, Cloud and DC services at Tata Communications – Genius Wong, believes that the partnership will help both the companies transform digitally and extend digitization to their customers and empower them to increase their business reach, improve productivity and protect their business against any threats.

Following the announcement on Saturday, the shares of Tata communications came down 3 percent in today’s trade and hit a low of INR 743.05.

For more info, refer the announcement here.