Acquisition of SiteLock by ABRY Partners strategically positions it for growth and product innovation

Global leader in cloud-based website security solutions – SiteLock, has announced that it has been acquired by the leading private equity firm – ABRY Partners.

SiteLock’s CEO and President – Neill Feather, considers this acquisition an opportunity to accelerate the company’s growth and increase its cybersecurity product portfolio.

SiteLock provides cloud-based website security solutions and protects more than 12 million websites around the globe. Its primary mission is to protect organizations from the ever-increasing cyberthreats and attacks.

St. Jean, Partner at ABRY Partners, considers Acquisition of SiteLock by ABRY Partners  as a strategic step towards supporting their innovation across new products, both organically and inorganically.

He said, “As threats become more complex and frequent, organizations need a comprehensive and reliable solution to protect their online presence. We believe SiteLock is well positioned to continue to be the go-to partner for website security needs.

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more hazardous these days with the high-risk probability of data breach, loss and theft.

During the fourth quarter of 2017 the average website experienced more than 44 attacks per day, and there was a 90 percent rise in the number of businesses targeted by ransomware for a total $5 billion financial impact. We are excited to work with the team at ABRY to continue to develop new products and solutions to support and protect our customers.” – said Feather. More such findings were revealed in the SiteLock Website Security Insider Q4 2017 report.

Tomas Gorny – CEO of UnitedWeb Inc. (former parent company) also commented on the acquisition and said, “We’re proud to have supported SiteLock for more than 10 years as it has grown to become the leading provider of website security solutions.

SiteLock was also named as the fastest growing software company in Arizona by Deloitte.

On the other hand, ABRY Partners, with an expertise of almost 30 years in media, communications, business services and information sector, stands as one of the most experienced private equity firms investing in North America and Europe regions.

Acquisition of SiteLock by ABRY Partners will help SiteLock extend its services in the small and medium sized business (SMB) market.

The financial terms of the deal have not been revealed yet, though the deal was closed on 5th April 2018, as per the market reports.

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“We Are Looking to Fund Our Resellers and Help Them Grow”- Shridhar Luthria, ResellerClub

A relatively low risk investment with limited startup cost, Reseller hosting is a lucrative opportunity for IT entrepreneurs looking to kick-start their own business. However, with a gazillion established web hosting firms out there claiming to provide white-label hosting solutions with customized plans, value added features and technical support, cutting through jargon and making an informed decision of choosing the right reseller hosting provider can be a herculean task.

There are only few web hosting firms who’ve the right infrastructure, experience, resources and skillset in place to provide their resellers with just about anything they need to start and successfully manage their web hosting business, and ResellerClub is one such organization.

A veteran Web Presence products & services provider, ResellerClub has a wide product range that includes Domain Registration, Web and Email Hosting, SSL Certificates and Website Design, backed up by top-shelf customer support and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The company also has a ‘Power Partner Program’ in place where it funds its resellers’ marketing plans and helps them grow.

We sat with Shridhar Luthria, General Manager & Business Head, ResellerClub post his session at WHD.India 2013 to discuss ResellerClub’s recent product launches, Domain Reseller program, Geo-located hosting, plans for Q3 and Q4, and of course, the upcoming ResellerClub Hosting Summit 2013. The complete video of our interaction is below, and a print version follows it.

We want to make sure that we can truly expand ResellerClub Hosting Summit 2013 in terms of the diversity that exists within the audience because that’s really what exhibitors and audience would want, to interact with their counterparts from other countries as well.

– Shridhar Luthria, General Manager & Business Head, ResellerClub.

Shridhar Luthria, General Manager & Business Head, ResellerClub
Shridhar Luthria, General Manager & Business Head, ResellerClub

Q: Last year saw a major expansion in the product range of ResellerClub. Can we have a quick recap of everything that’s new and resellers need to know about?

A: We launched multi-domain hosting products on cPanel and Plesk. We launched reseller hosting on WHM and Plesk. We’ve launched VPSs as well and we’re going to increase that portfolio as we go on.

We are looking at Enterprise Email launching next week, which will be directly competing with the likes of Google Apps, and our resellers can offer it to their clientele with better support resources.

We are also looking at dedicated servers and a bunch of additional products like SiteLock, Website backup solutions, Hosted CRMs etc., which make up for more than 20% of the revenue of every large hosting company.

Q: This one is regarding Geo-located hosting launched by ResellerClub a few months back. How important would you say is server location in Overseas Hosting? Also, what percentage of your reseller base, do you think, has been able to leverage the benefits of your servers round the globe fully so far?

A: In a lot of ways, providing international hosting or hosting overseas works brilliantly for us in terms of partnering with resellers, because they definitely need that.

But the reason they need that is because of the fact that the consumer today believes that hosting on a local server is going to be faster than hosting on a US server.

That’s not really the case always but because of this ‘myth’ and demand that exists, it does become a very important aspect for resellers when they consider to partner with us. So it’s fabulous from that perspective.

Q: Are you planning to make any changes in your Domain Reseller program in light of the new gTLDs that are about to hit the market soon?

A: In terms of the Domain Reseller program, we are obviously looking at offering as many new TLDs as we can, but our key focus will be on integrating the most generic ones, like .home, .shop, .web etc. first, because these will be useful for a larger audience. As we move along, we’ll look at integrating some of the slightly more specific vertical ones as well.

The biggest change is obviously going to be that now instead of 70, there will be probably 200 different TLDs for a reseller to be able to resell. So we’re planning to make a lot of changes to the entire domain flow at our Private-Labeled Storefront to accommodate them.

Apart from that, one aspect that we are definitely looking at is understanding the user behavior – has he come on the website before, what type of domain name has he searched for, which country is he from etc. Based on some of these aspects we will try and provide them with more relevant search results which are valid for all the new gTLDs that are coming out.

Q: While ResellerClub has seen global success with a good reseller base in China, Turkey, Russia etc., India still remains its forte, where it is synonymous with dependable domain services and web hosting. How do you plan to establish stronger foothold overseas, especially in the US market?

A: To be honest, if India continues to grow the way it is and some of these other markets you mentioned like China, Brazil, Turkey etc. continue to grow the way they are, and given our growth within these markets, I might not even need to look at the US with as much focus as I am probably right now.

Having said that, the US has been one of our largest markets for quite some time. While we’ve been growing exceptionally well in the markets that you mentioned- India, China, Turkey etc., the US has always been one of our largest markets for sure.

I think the only thing we need to do over there is to make sure we can consolidate, partner with more clients, offer them our different products and services and hope that they will bite on to that and work with us more closely in the future.

Q: Reseller Hosting Summit 2012 , held in Mumbai, India was a big success. What additional value do you expect to derive from Reseller Hosting Summit 2013?

A: I think for any conference of ResellerClub Hosting Summit’s type, there are three most important and essential aspects – the quality of speakers and sessions held, the sort of exhibitors that attendees get to talk to and partner with, and of course the number of people that attend the event.

So our aim is simple. First, we want to make sure that we have as many good speakers as possible. I think the speakers last year did a fantastic job and we’ll be lucky to have all of them come back again and probably some more.

Second, we want to make sure that we can get as many different brands as possible over there so that Indian resellers and service providers get to interact with these people and derive more value out of the event.

Third, we hope that we can get as many different resellers, hosting providers and web service providers as possible to attend the event. We are doing it in New Delhi this year and it’s one of the best places because it’s one of our largest bases. We also have a lot of different partners from Jaipur, Chandigarh and a couple of other cities close by, so it’ll be quite easy and convenient for them to come to the ResellerClub Hosting Summit 2013 and interact with each other.

One other aspect that we are planning to bring in this time is to invite our partners from all across Asia. We are looking at the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and China. We want to make sure that we can truly expand ResellerClub Hosting Summit 2013 in terms of the diversity that exists within the audience because that’s really what exhibitors and audience would want, to interact with their counterparts from other countries as well. Hopefully we can pull that off and make it an interesting event.

Q: What changes do you expect to see in the Indian Hosting & Domains market in near future?

A: I think we are at a point in Indian market where probably the US was about 9 or 10 years ago. So first of all, I expect a jump in growth; may be not this year but within the next two or three years for sure. Today, there are about 41/2 million domain names owned by Indian consumers and registrants. I expect that to probably grow to about 15 or 20 million within the next 5 years. The United States is at about 60-70 million right now, so we are not there yet but I expect that level of growth within the next few years.

I also expect consumers to demand a lot more in terms of online advertising and additional products like website security,backup solutions etc. So every hosting provider or web services provider will need to start offering these products and make sure that they can cater to a wider range of needs of the consumers.

Q: To wrap up, what’s in the bag for Q3 and Q4 of 2013?

A: There are a couple of surprises for sure. We’re really excited about some new products like enterprise email, dedicated servers and all these additional products talked about.

Apart from that, we are also launching a program, where we are looking to fund our resellers for their marketing plans. Resellers can use an application form and send us their marketing plans and the numbers and volumes that they hope to achieve by executing them. We are looking to partner with them, fund them and help them grow, because at the end of the day, our (ResellerClub’s) growth is pretty much linked to the growth of our clients. So if we can help them get a greater market share, we are basically helping ourselves.

These are some of the things that are planned out for Q3 and Q4, along with RCHS 2013. Let’s see, it should be a fun year.


SiteLock Ties With Lycos To Increase Online Business Security

[DAILYHOSTNEWS], July 11, 2012, SiteLock, the leader in website security solutions for online businesses announced its tie up with Lycos Inc., a focused network of community and social sites.

Lycos has evolved from a single search engine into a focused network of community and social sites that include,,, and These sites when integrated help individual users locate, retrieve and manage information tailored to his or her personal interests. The products of Lycos also include free web hosting platform that support more than three million websites.

SiteLock & Lycos have joined hands to analyze the security loopholes in those millions of websites that can be in the form of malware, terms of service abuse, phishing and link farming. As the websites been hosted are of free nature, so the possibility of attacks increases by many folds with various websites created with an intent of distributing malicious or potentially harmful code.

The patent-pending 360-degree scans performed by SiteLock identified thousands of websites that were infected and could be harmful to their visitors. Lycos’ aims to clean up their online community and took down the problematic sites. At the same time, SiteLock gained extensive insight into risks, hacks and potential threats that they were able to add to their technology’s knowledge base to help prevent other online businesses from being affected.

“At Lycos, we build online communities. Our customers can vary greatly from business owners and bloggers, to gamers and social users,” describes Rob Balazy, CEO of Lycos. “It’s imperative that those experiences are conducted in a safe environment. We took an active approach through our partnership with SiteLock to identify the problem areas in our online neighborhoods. Based on the results of the SiteLock scanning, we were able to clean up the communities on the website hosting platforms of and, so that our customers and their visitors are protected from online threats.”

“At SiteLock, we believe in making the web a safer place for our business customers, their visitors, and our partners,” states Neill Feather, President of SiteLock. “We have a high degree of respect for Lycos, an online community leader, who took the proactive step to secure their customers’ websites and keep the ‘bad guys’ out in the future. We believe that this partnership will enable Lycos and SiteLock to stay ahead of the threat curve and build a repeatable model for heightened detection and awareness of online risks.”

With this partnership, SiteLock and Lycos plan to perform the scanning on a quarterly basis to remove the identified websites with problems.


SiteLock Partners with GreenGeeks to Offer Customers the Best in Website Security

DAILYHOSTNEWS, January 17, 2012 – SiteLock LLC, a global leader in website security solutions for online businesses, announced yesterday a new partnership with GreenGeeks, a leading provider of green energy web hosting. GreenGeeks leads the hosting world in providing energy efficient infrastructure for website hosting by being 300% wind powered as well as carbon neutral friendly. As a result of their alliance with SiteLock, they are also now able to extend the most complete website security technology and services to their end customers – online businesses.

SiteLock’s website security services include patent-pending Deep 360-Degree website security scanning, instant threat alerts, reputation management and expert engineering and support services. Unlike many website security companies that identify problems and provide threat and malware notification, SiteLock sees the issue through to resolution by assigning skilled website developers and security experts to solve the problem for partner hosted websites. GreenGeeks places the highest standards for their customer websites’ security, in addition to the environmentally-friendly hosting infrastructure they provide.

These services have never been more critical for GreenGeeks’ customers, as the frequency and intensity of website hacking, malicious software, and web application vulnerabilities accelerate the risks to online businesses worldwide.

“Business owners and online marketers and writers rely increasingly on open source applications for managing and enhancing their websites. This provides them with great flexibility, however due to constantly changing code and plugins that go untested, the chances of their websites being hacked or at risk for other threats has never been greater,” says Trey Gardner, CEO of GreenGeeks. “That’s why we’re excited to be working with SiteLock. Not only does their website security service protect our clients’ websites from defacement or data theft by identifying vulnerabilities, it also instills confidence in their visitors that they’ve taken steps to ensure that their site is safe to use, thus increasing their business. GreenGeeks will offer SiteLock website security through and”

About SiteLock
Established in 2008, SiteLock has helped small businesses protect their website and reputation through website security services and malware scanning. SiteLock offers the most affordable and complete website security solution available on the market, protecting against malware, spam, viruses and other vulnerabilities. For more information, visit

About GreenGeeks
GreenGeeks provides shared, reseller and dedicated server web hosting as well as domain name registration and domain management. GreenGeeks has offices in Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles and they service customers in over 40 countries worldwide
For more information, visit  or


SiteLock Announces Partnership With Mabuhay Web Hosting

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 6, 2011 – SiteLock LLC, a global leader in website security solutions for online businesses announced yesterday a new partnership with Mabuhay Hosting, a premier hosting provider located in the Philippines. This partnership will enable Mabuhay Hosting to extend SiteLock’s security services to its hosting customers at special rates, further expanding the range of online protection provided to them to solidify the security and credibility of their websites.

“Providing top level security to our customers is the highest priority for us. Partnering with SiteLock gives us an easy way to do it without huge demands on our staff or resources,” said Ivan Rivera, CEO and Founder of Mabuhay Web Hosting. “SiteLock is a perfect fit for our business because it enhances our mission of providing state of the art internet technology to every individual and company at the lowest possible price with the highest possible quality.”

SiteLock’s professional website security services include Deep 360-Degree security scanning, instant threat alerts, reputation management, verifiable website trust seals, and expert site hardening services. These services have never been more critical for online business clients in the Philippines, as hacking, brute force attacks, malware, and data theft is at an all-time high.

“We’re excited to form this partnership with a company like Mabuhay Hosting because they truly care about every single customer. This partnership allows us to continue to provide security to more small businesses and websites on a global scale,” said Givonn Jones, Business Development Manager of SiteLock.

About SiteLock
SiteLock provides website security services and website malware scanning that ensure a safe and productive internet environment for online businesses. SiteLock solutions provide a comprehensive suite of security products with packages tailored to meet the specific needs of small business. Unlike competitive offerings, SiteLock’s Business Verification and Security services are combined to provide the most complete and affordable business security solution available. SiteLock currently protects over 400,000 customers worldwide.

About Mabuhay Web Hosting
Mabuhay Web Hosting & Development Service PHILIPPINES is owned and operated by The company has been dedicated to delivering end-to-end web development and IT services to small businesses based in the Philippines. Mabuhay’s services range from website hosting and design to virtual private servers, cloud services and support. All of Mabuhay’s services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 24X7 support.
Mabuhay’s main office is located in Malabanias, Pampanga in the Philippines.