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Oracle adds self-driving database cloud service to its Autonomous database portfolio

Oracle has rolled out yet another database offering to its Autonomous Database portfolio. Called Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database, it is a self-driving database cloud service targeted for developers.

Autonomous NoSQL Database will be delivered as a fully managed service which has been designed to handle NoSQL applications requiring low latency, data model flexibility, and elastic scaling. These kind of NoSQL applications can include UI personalization, online fraud detection, gaming, shopping carts, etc.

Powered by machine learning and automation capabilities, the new offering will be a convenient answer to the workloads that need fast and predictable responses to simple operations.

It comes with APIs which will allow developers to focus on application development, rather than managing servers, storage expansion, cluster deployments, software installation, and backup.

Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database will automatically allocate the resources required to meet dynamic workload needs, when developers specify the throughput and capacity.

For interoperability between standard relational and standard JSON data models, the service comes with a non-proprietary SQL language. Using it, developers can run the same application in cloud or on-premises without any platform lock-in.

Along with this, it comes with software development kit and support for main development languages like Python, Node.js, and Java.

“We continue to leverage our revolutionary autonomous capabilities to transform the database market,” said Andrew Mendelsohn, executive vice president, Oracle Database.

“Our latest self-driving database cloud service, Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database, provides extreme reliability and performance at very low costs to achieve a highly flexible application development framework.”

Since the new offering will run on Oracle Cloud infrastructure, it will automate the key management processes like patching, tuning and upgrading so that critical infrastructure can run automatically.

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Oracle claimed that its new offering will provide high availability and up to 70% lower cost than Amazon DynamoDB.

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Oracle’s industry-first autonomous database to deliver performance, security at half the cost of AWS

In an approach to provide better services at lower costs than other leading players like AWS in the market, Oracle has announced the general availability of Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

Built on Oracle Autonomous Database technology, the new service uses machine learning to deliver highly reliable and scalable data management capability, enabling data warehouse deployment within seconds.

Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison claimed that the new service comes with leading security features, availability with no human intervention, and at half the cost of AWS. “This technology changes everything. The Oracle Autonomous Database is based on technology as revolutionary as the Internet. It patches, tunes, and updates itself. Amazon’s databases cost more and do less.”

The Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud eliminates the complexities related to configuration, tuning and administration, even when the warehouse workloads and data volumes change.

Oracle’s new platform makes the cloud data warehousing easier and secure with automatic backup, and encryption. Users can easily migrate to cloud because of the compatibility with existing on-premises databases.

It comes with independent scaling of compute and storage services so that users can grow or shrink resources as per their need.

The Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is first service in the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Services portfolio. More services including Oracle Autonomous Database for Transaction Processing, Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database, and Oracle Autonomous Graph Database, are under development.

All the services under this portfolio will be self-managing, self-securing, and self-repairing. It will eliminate the human error and automatically patch them while running.

Since the services will be self-securing, they will automatically protect against cyberattacks and encrypt the data. The self-repairing capability of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Services will increase the availability by automated protection from planned and unplanned downtime.

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Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is available to pay-as-you-go service, to lower the costs. It is built on Oracle Database 18c, which is now available on Oracle Cloud Services.