ZNetLive rolls out Acronis Backup Cloud to provide businesses with constant data availability in changing threat landscape

ZNetLive, India’s leading web hosting and cloud services provider, today announced an expansion of its product portfolio to include Acronis Backup Cloud. The new service delivers reliable hybrid cloud backup to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to completely and efficiently protect critical data in any environment.

With ransomware attacks growing in frequency and complexity, business data is continuously at risk. Security experts and the FBI agree that with more cybercriminals trying to earn easy money, ransomware attacks will continue to be more frequent, especially among corporate and small business environments.

Backups are widely considered the ultimate defense.

“For any business, data is imminent for its survival. Data security is utmost as no successful business can afford a minute of downtime. With organizations tasked to protect increasingly heterogeneous and complex environments spanning across physical, virtual and cloud systems, choosing the right data protection mechanism becomes a herculean task.

Thus, we have rolled out the Acronis Backup Cloud solution – the most effective cloud backup that ensures business continuity by addressing all backup and recovery challenges of the enterprises across different infrastructures,” said Munesh Jadoun, Founder & CEO, ZNetLive.

Acronis Backup Cloud provides the most secure solution to fight the growing threat of ransomware. In addition to storing data in the cloud and out of the reach of hackers, the service includes Acronis Active Protection, a built-in anti-ransomware solution that:

  • Leverages advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence-based technology to monitor systems in real time to actively detect an attack.
  • Stops suspicious computer activities immediately to prevent unauthorized encryption, modification or alteration of files, applications, and systems.
  • Notifies users of potential threats and automatically restores any files affected in an attack.

The real-time protection from Acronis Active Protection helps businesses avoid costly downtime, which otherwise would be required to recover from a ransomware attack.

ZNetLive knows that modern IT pros need effective solutions that effectively address modern IT challenges,” said Lian Wee Loo, Acronis Senior Director of Cloud Business in APAC and Japan. “In the face of growing threats like ransomware, we’re proud to partner with a company that is equally committed to protecting their customers’ data. We look forward to a great relationship with ZNetLive.

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For this rollout, ZNetLive has partnered with KMI Business Technologies, the primary distributor for Acronis on-premise and cloud backup solutions in India.


Virtustream Expands Its Silicon Valley Presence

DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 21, 2011 – Virtustream has announced that it will open an office in San Francisco. The new space is in response to increased interest in the company and its offerings from potential customers and partners. The new San Francisco office will be located at 455 Market Street and move in is expected in early November.

Virtustream owns and operates its own data centers in the U.S. and U.K., and has offices in Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, London, Dublin and the Channel Islands.

The company provides ongoing support for its Cloud Platform Services through two groups: its Cloud Cover team provides a managed service, from core infrastructure through enterprise applications and the Cloud Staging and Networks group that provides colocation, security and network services.

The San Francisco office will headquarter the company’s Cloud Advisory Services unit. This unit offers cloud analysis, design and migration strategies for complex enterprise IT landscapes. The Cloud Advisory Services unit deploys Virtustream’s Advisor, a software tool that provides fact-based analysis of a company’s current IT environment and delivers specific recommendations based upon its proprietary algorithms.

In his statement, Michael Hoch, leader of the Cloud Advisory Services unit said: “Virtustream’s Cloud Advisory Services are unique in the industry and result in tailored cloud computing designs that meet the most demanding enterprise needs while recommending precise resource configurations. We can provide these designs without bias as we are technology vendor agnostic.”

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The new office will also house a part of the company’s product development team working on next generation releases of xStream, the company’s enterprise cloud platform. By creating SLA-based resource pools normalized to containers of virtual compute referred to as Infrastructure Units, Virtustream xStream offers compelling guarantees of CPU, memory, network and storage I/O resources. xStream supports on-premise, off-premise or hybrid cloud deployments as customer needs warrant.

About Virtustream
Virtustream is an innovative cloud provisioning firm committed to delivering next-generation infrastructure services to enterprise class customers. The company leverages its secure high performance platform, xStream, to deliver highly available and elastic compute resources at true consumption-based pricing.
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