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HPE simplifies multi-cloud management with OneSphere

At its Discover 2017 customer conference in Madrid, HPE introduced a simplified multi-cloud management platform called OneSphere that provides a combined experience across public clouds, on-premises private clouds and software-defined infrastructure.

HPE has designed OneSphere to address the needs of developers, IT operators, data scientists, researchers and enterprises to build clouds, deploy apps, and gain insights faster.

“Our customers need a radically new approach – one that’s designed for the new hybrid IT reality,” stated Ric Lewis, senior vice president and general manager, Software-Defined and Cloud Group at HPE. “With HPE OneSphere, we’re abstracting away the complexity of managing multi-cloud environments and applications so our customers can focus on what’s important – accelerating digital transformation and driving business outcomes.”

OneSphere contains a SaaS portal through which it offers access to a set of IT resources including public cloud services and on-premises environments. It also offers unified experience across clouds, sites, orchestration tools, PaaS and containers, which results in minimizing the requirement of specialized skills.

HPE said that managing the multi-cloud environments with traditional management solutions is complicated, and needs multiple points of management, consuming more resources and costs. They are also difficult to set up and manage since most companies use a combination of public cloud and on-premises resources.

HPE OneSphere has been designed to simplify all these management complications, providing users a one-stop access to all their applications and data from anywhere.

It works across containerized workloads, bare metal applications, and VMs, enabling internal stakeholders to compose hybrid clouds.

OneSphere streamlines DevOps so that enterprises get deep insights across the public and on-premises environments. It enables them to speed up the cycle times, better productivity, and generate cost-savings.

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HPE said that OneSphere is a solution to accelerate digital transformation, and is ideal for businesses that want to capitalize on digital disruption and enable a broad range of new customer experiences.

It will be available from January 2018.

Cloud Datacenter News

Netmagic expands its service portfolio with multi-cloud offerings 

Netmagic, the leading data center provider, has added a range of new cloud offerings to its product portfolio, aiming to position itself as a multi-cloud provider.

The number of customers who opt for hybrid IT solutions is rapidly increasing. The customers prefer multi-cloud to avoid vendor lock-in, and to be able to use specific providers for a use case, like Azure for big data. Also, the rapid growth in finance and e-commerce services have increased the demand for cloud and data center hosting services.

Netmagic saw the multi-cloud need of the customers as an opportunity to serve them with all the offerings at one place.

“Clients want a range of cloud services for different products. Some may go for AWS or Azure, some projects require dedicated hosting while others may require captive data centers depending on workload. Instead of approaching different vendors we want them to see us as a one-stop solution,” said Sunil Gupta, Executive director and president, Netmagic.

The company has successfully maintained a constant revenue growth of 34% CAGR for the last four years. Over 75-80% of their revenue included managed and cloud services, while colocation services comprised about 40%.

“Every customer is running Hybrid IT services with parts of their service running on different platforms. We integrate the entire range of solutions to the customer and we help to manage the infrastructure with a cloud management platform developed by our R&D team,” added Gupta.

Netmagic’s growth rate has been accelerating after being acquired by the largest telecommunication communication company of Japan- NTT Comm.

Netmagic is geared for further growth as the Indian IT services are expected to spend up to $3181 million next year on the data center systems, according to a report from Gartner and Netmagic is among the top data center service providers in India, according to 451 Research. The other top data center players in India include ST Telemedia and NxtraData.

“NTT is also very committed towards capacity building in our data centres. Two new data centres will go live in April adding over 0.5 million square feet of data centre space by April next year. Our speed and scale of constructing data centres have increased greatly in the last 5 years,” said Gupta. “While local players like CTRLS and Sify do have a dedicated clientele, a large multinational backing in NTT allows Netmagic a larger capacity to invest and mobilize funds in new projects as markets demand.”

Netmagic is a Tier 1 partner with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services in India.  Netmagic’s customers will be able to access these services via its multi-cloud solutions’ portfolio.