Giants of the Cloud & Hosting industry to meet at Hosting Talk Global 2019 in Istanbul

Hosting Talk Global – one of the most comprehensive and well-attended cloud technologies’ events, organized under the main sponsorship of ICANN and .Istanbul Registry, will open the gates for its visitors for the 2nd time during April 12-13 at Grand Cevahir Hotel in Istanbul.

The event will gather key names of the Cloud & Hosting industry, with more than 30 sessions, during which opinion leaders of many global companies such as from Plesk, DigitalOcean, GoDaddy, RedHat and Microsoft as well as more than 500 professionals of the industry from Turkey will come together.

Among this year’s speakers will be names such as Bhavin Turakhia, the CEO of Radix, who sold major domain and hosting companies of India, ResellerClub, LogicBoxes and BigRock to the Endurance group at an amount of 1.2 billion, Lukas Hertig, Senior Vice President of Plesk known for its world-wide mostly preferred hosting control panels, Mohan Ram, Senior Partnership Manager of DigitalOcean; Soeren von Varchmin, CEO of CloudFest and Kaan Demircan, Open Source Strategy Director of Microsoft.

Hosting Talk Global aims to bring together the business world and technology fans, and discuss new cloud technologies and cloud investments in Turkey and the world.

Pioneers of the Cloud and Hosting industry to come together

With Hosting Talk Global, which is going to host more than 30 sessions throughout two days, the participants will have the chance to listen to highly appreciated, local and foreign opinion leaders.

Further speakers of the event, whose speeches regarding the Cloud & Hosting industry are waited impatiently, are:

  • Nick Tomasso, Vice President of Global Meeting Operations of ICANN
  • Kıvılcım İstanbulluoğlu, Domain Investor
  • İlyas Teker, Founder of Mosanta
  • Koray Şeremet, Senior Solution Architect of Red Hat
  • Selina Bieber, Regional Manager of GoDaddy
  • Boyan Ivanov, CEO of Storpool
  • Hakan Uzuner, Founder of ÇözümPark
  • Derya Sezen, Kloia, Cloud and DevOps Consultant
  • Huzeyfe Önal, General Director of BGA
  • Mert Saka, Registry Services Manager of ICANN
  • Gökalp Çakıcı, Founder of UzmanPosta
  • Fahd Batayneh, Area Manager for Middle East of ICANN
  • Filip Borcov, CEO of
  • Nivu Hussain, Marketing Director of .CLUB
  • Cihan Nimsi, Founder and CEO of Güzel Hosting
  • Yusuf Öztürk, Software Architect of VirtualMetric
  • Divya Bakshi from Radix Channel Partnerships
  • İsmail Baskın, Google Cloud Platform Expert

The meeting point of the Cloud & Hosting industry

One of the most exciting points of Hosting Talk Global is that participants of the event will have the chance to attend informative panels and join workshops that will be moderated by professionals of the industry.

And if you want to experience with experts how you can boost your business, you can take part in this unique event, where representatives of more than 300 companies from the Cloud & Hosting industry will be there.


Get ready to experience hyperscale enablement, cloud, data and other internet innovations at CloudFest 2019

CloudFest 2019 to be held between March 23-29 at Rust, Germany, will welcome the leaders of the cloud, hosting and internet infrastructure space to come together and connect to shape the future of the internet industry. Get ready to hear the most inspiring voices of the industry, attend compelling breakout sessions, and take advantage of the amazing networking opportunities followed by high-spirit after-hours events.

The theme of CloudFest 2019

This year, the festival’s theme is Hyperscale enablement. Hyperscalers are forecasted to cover 70 percent of the IaaS market by 2021. These large-scale operators are set to reshape the market. It’s the perfect time for the service providers to identify the potential of this opportunity and encash it for business growth.

CloudFest 2019 will bring together leading hyperscale operators. Attendees can use this opportunity to learn the best way to collaborate and enter into some astounding partnerships. These partnerships can help you make money from the different streams of the demand and value chains.

We see this as a critical juncture in the industry, a time where service providers should no longer look to hyperscalers as the competition, but to welcome them as a vital partner.” Soeren von Varchmin, CEO at CloudFest.

Why CloudFest 2019 is a must-attend?

CloudFest, over the past fifteen years, has evolved to be one of the most sought-after events for the leaders in the internet infrastructure space. CloudFest 2019, just like the previous year, will be bigger and better.

The event will be attended by over 7000 potential customers, industry leaders and professionals for a heck of a week. Prepare to witness some of the most innovative products to be exhibited during the event. Specially curated keynotes, workshops, and panels on trending topics will be another important reason to attend it.

The 4th annual hacking event – Hackathon

CloudFest will also be conducting Hackathon – the only official event to go beforehand, for the 4th time.

Hackathon will see 50+ developers from more than 20 companies  create innovative solutions to solve persistent tech problems. It will take place during the weekend, before the main event, in Santa Isabel Hotel at Europa Park, Rust, Germany.

The projects again this year will be focused on open-source communities, not for profit and interoperable.


CloudFest is an annual get-together of not only the professionals in the internet infrastructure space, but it also draws celebrities, influencers, newsmakers and experts from around the world. CloudFest 2019 will also see the line-up of such headliners:

  • Tatiana Tropina – Cybercrime Expert, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law
  • Daniel Kraft – Chief Developer, Namecoin Project
  • Will Pemble – CEO, Goal Boss
  • Hank Shocklee – Producer, Public Enemy
  • Bhavin Turakhia – CEO & Founder, Flock

Key topics

Hyperscaling with the Domain Name System

Andy Simpson – Principal Data Scientist at Verisign, will talk about the significance of domain names and how they can be used in various customer engagement strategies.

Beyond the Hype – PKI and the Cloud

Dan Timpson – CTO at DigitCert, will talk about seamless integration of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) into your cloud-native architectures. He will also throw light on the role of PKI in datacenter environments, web security etc.

The WordPress Hosting Experience – Bought Cheaply And Paid Dearly?

Jan Loffler – CTO at Plesk, will discuss and share his vision of a best-in-class WordPress hosting. He will also bring a surprise guest who will guide the audience on how to make a WordPress user happy and allow hosters to stand out in the crowd.

Power your Moonshots with the Cloud

Yuval Dvir – Head of Online Partnerships at Google Cloud, will talk about the changing technology landscape, increasing convergence of infotech and biotech and how cloud is the underlying factor here because of its high-availability and non-comprising security.

DHN is the official media partner of CloudFest 2019. Use code CF19AJL and register now for free.

Domain Newss

Google’s .dev domain name for developers now available at standard prices

Google Registry has launched the .dev top-level domain (TLD) for developers and other tech geeks associated with development.

The .dev was announced last month but it was available only for Early Access registrations with an additional fee. Now it is available at a base annual price through most of the registrars.

“We hope .dev will be a new home for you to build your communities, learn the latest tech and showcase your projects—all with a perfect domain name,” wrote Google in a blog post.

“We envision .dev as a home for developers. From tools to programming languages to blogs, .dev is the best place for all the amazing things that you build.”

Like the previously launched .APP and .PAGE domain name extensions, the .dev TLD too will have HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) by default. What this means is that the new TLD will come with built-in security. This will enable protection against ad malware and tracking injection by ISPs, as well as safeguard against spying on open Wi-Fi networks.

Google itself has launched its own developer websites on .dev domain. These sites include,,,,,, and

Other than Google, many other companies and individuals also have registered the .dev domain. For instance, reach Women Who Code at, software solutions for developers by JetBrains at, learn development skills at, learn app development on Salesforce at, etc.

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The standard price of .dev domain name is between $12 to $15. The price varies depending on the registrar.

Image source: Google

Domain Newss

ICANN demands full deployment of DNSSEC across all domains

In a new announcement, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has mentioned that there is an ongoing and significant risk to some of the main parts of DNS (Domain Name System) infrastructure.

Several malicious activities are increasingly targeting the DNS infrastructure. In response to such activities, ICANN has called for full deployment of DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) across all the unsecure domain names.

DNSSEC is a set of security protocols used to ensure DNS information isn’t accidentally or maliciously corrupted. It protects against cyberattacks by proving authenticity and integrity of a response from the nameserver.

ICANN is one of the main entities responsible for decentralized management of Internet. It is committed to ensure that the identifier systems of internet are secure, stable, and efficient. The entity also coordinates the main levels of the DNS for stable and secure operation.

Attackers are using different methodologies to make unauthorized changes to the delegation structure of domain names. They change the addresses of intended servers and use the addresses of machines that can be controlled by them.

However, some of these cyberattacks work only when the DNSSEC is not used. That is the reason ICANN is demanding for full deployment of DNSSEC across all the domains.

Implementation of DNSSEC not promises to address all the security issues of internet, but it will prevent cyberattacks where users are redirected to malicious websites.

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“Although DNSSEC cannot solve all forms of attack against the DNS, when it is used, unauthorized modification to DNS information can be detected, and users are blocked from being misdirected,” explained ICANN.

In September last year, ICANN had said that it will perform a root zone DNSSEC KSK roll-over to strengthen the security of DNS.

Domain Hosting

Domain name registrations count totals 342.4M in Q3 2018: Verisign report

The global domain name registrations count has reached 342.4 million across all top-level domains (TLDs) in the third quarter of 2018, finds Verisign.

The data reveals that around 2.6 million new domain names were registered in Q3. Domain name registrations have increased by 0.8%quarterly and 3.5% year-over-year.

total domain name registrations

.com and .net TLDs count

The number of .com and .net TLDs together totaled around 151.7 million at end of Q3 2018, representing an increase of 2 million new domain name registrations (1.3%), as compared to second quarter 2018. These domain names combinedly increased by 4% YoY (5.9 million).

At the end of Q3 2018, the total number of .com and .net domain name base was found approximately 137.6 million and 14.1 million domain name registrations, respectively.

Talking about new .com and .net domain name registrations in Q3, these together totaled to around 9.5 million domain name registrations. At the end of same quarter last year, this total was 8.9 million.

.com and .net

Top 10 largest TLDs

At the end of Q3 2018, the top 10 TLDs globally included .com, .cn (China), .tk (Tokelau), .de (Germany), .net, .uk (United Kingdom), .org, .ru (Russia), .nl (Netherlands), and .info.

largest TLDs

ccTLD domain name registrations

According to Verisign, the count of country-code TLD (ccTLD) domain name registrations totaled to 149.3 million, decreasing by 0.3% (0.5 million) compared to Q2 2018. By YoY, the count has seen rise of 3.2% (4.6 million).

Top 10 ccTLDs

At the end of Q3 2018, the top 10 TLDs were .cn (China), .tk (Tokelau), .de (Germany), .uk (United Kingdom), .ru (Russian Federation), .nl (Netherlands), .br (Brazil), .eu (European Union), .fr (France), and .au (Australia).

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top ccTLDs

ngTLD domain name registrations

The total number of ngTLD domain name registrations reached 23.4 million at the end of Q3 2018, up 7.5% (1.6 million) from Q2 2018.

These domain names increased by 10.9% (2.3 million) year over year. The top 10 ngTLDs accounted for around 52.6% of all ngTLD domain name registrations.


ICANN’s application of GDPR is affecting cyber investigators from accessing WHOIS data in near real-time: Report

Cyber investigators and anti-abuse service providers report that implementation of EU GDPR by ICANN to the distributed WHOIS service is affecting their ability to access information about domain name registrations. This is causing delays in responding to cyberthreats.

Changes were made to the way organizations access WHOIS data, following ICANN’s application for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

According to a joint survey of 300 respondents by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) and the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG), these changes are significantly impeding cyber applications and forensic investigations and allowing more harm to victims.

The main reason of delays is that investigators are unable to access complete domain name registration data through public WHOIS service in near real-time, the way they used to before the GDPR implementation. The partial data that is available through public WHOIS services are not sufficient for investigation or to respond to incidents.

“Delays favor the attacker and criminal, who can claim victims or profit over longer windows of opportunity while investigators struggle to identify perpetrators or strip them of their assets (i.e., domain names) with limited or no access to the data that had previously been obtained or derived from WHOIS data,” mentioned APWG and M3AAWG, in the report.

Access to non-public data elements requires a minimum time of days, which was earlier possible in hours or a day.

Since the cybersecurity organizations can’t access complete WHOIS data on time, it is delaying investigations of all types. This includes cyber incidents like phishing, ransomware, as well as distribution of fake news and subversive political influence campaigns.

The report highlights that such delays allow attacks to remain active longer. It can put more internet users in harm.

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APWG and M3AAWG suggested that ICANN should establish a mechanism for WHOIS data access by accredited and vetted qualified security actors. Redacted WHOIS data of legal entities should be restored. Along with these, the companies concluded their analysis with more recommendations for ICANN.

Read the full report here.

Cloud Cloud News Domain

Cloudflare to provide domain names at wholesale price, with no rise in renewal costs

Cloudflare is going to disrupt the domain name registration market with its new move. The content delivery network (CDN) provider has launched Cloudflare Registrar with a promise to provide domain names at a wholesale price, which is true for first year as well as for every subsequent year.

The reason behind launching Cloudflare Registrar is quite simple. The domain name registrars offer discounts on domain names when customers register a domain name for first time. But they increase the price at the time of renewal.

In the best cases, the renewal price is around twice the original offer, whereas it’s more than twenty times in worst cases, found Cloudflare. Furthermore, the registrars charge additionally for other products like DNSSEC, which should be included with the domain name for free.

The top-level domain registries (like .com, .org, .net, .in) provide domain names at a wholesale price which remains relatively consistent over time. What the domain name registrars do is record customers as the owner of a specific domain name.

For making customers the owners of domain names, the registrars need to send some commands to an API. For working as a middle-man, they charge customers inappropriately.

On the occasion of its 8th birthday, Cloudflare gave the present to its customers, providing domain names at best possible price. The Cloudflare Registrar will allow customers to enable two-factor authentication, lock the domain registration by default, and automatically enable security services like DNSSEC.

“‘I love my domain registrar.’ Has anyone ever said this? From before Cloudflare even launched in September 2010, our early beta customers were literally begging us: ‘Will you please launch a registrar too?!’ Today we’re doing just that, launching the first registrar we hope you’ll be able to say you love. It’s built around three principles: trust, security, and always-fair pricing,” wrote Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince in a blog post.

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Currently, the Cloudflare Registrar doesn’t support new domain name registrations. Cloudflare customers can transfer their existing domain names to it.

Image source: Cloudflare

Domain Newss

Abry Partners buys majority stake in Donuts

The well-known private equity firm Abry Partners is acquiring the leading domain name registry Donuts for an undisclosed amount.

Founded in 2010, Donuts provides a broad variety of clear and meaningful top-level domains (TLDs) for business uses (.ltd, .company), navigation (.careers, .support), vertical markets (.cafe, .photography, .builders), broad-based generics (.social, .world, .live), and more.

“We are delighted to partner with Abry. Over the last thirty years, the firm has built a stellar track record as one of the premier media, communications, business and information services-focused private equity investment firms in North America,” said Bruce Jaffe, Donuts president and chief executive officer.

“We believe their confidence in Donuts underscores the power and magnitude of our opportunity. Moreover, their insights and expertise in our sector will be of enormous benefit to Donuts as we move forward.”

Donuts currently holds the largest portfolio of  TLDs in the world. It was positioned 14th in the list of The Wall Street Journal’s Top 50 startups in 2012. Building on its innovation, the company was ranked 1st in the list of Deloitte Fast 500 North America in 2017.

In July 2017, Donuts acquired Rightside registry firm to expand its portfolio with 40 new TLDs. A few months back, it launched a new short link platform called BL.INK, to help users replace clunky URLs with meaningful short links. The acquisition by Abry Partners marks another milestone in the journey of Donuts.

“Individuals and businesses manage their digital identities in an increasingly complex world of proliferating devices, platforms and access points,” said Erik Brooks, Managing Partner, Abry Partners.

“Donuts is ideally positioned with the world’s largest portfolio of new TLDs, a proven team with deep experience in scaling successful technology companies, and a track record of innovation in their industry. We are excited to partner with Donuts and support their next phase of growth and success.”

Also read: Donuts launches BL.INK platform to replace clunky URLs with meaningful short links

As a part of the acquisition, Abry will invest majority stake in Donuts. The deal will help Donuts accelerate the growth and innovation.


Internet domain names will soon be available in Indian regional scripts

In a push to make the internet accessible to everyone in India, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced that domain names will soon be available in several languages spoken in the country.

What this means for internet users in the country is that they will be able to book a website name extension like .com, .in, .net, in Indian scripts like Devanagari, Bengali, Gujrati and more. According to Zinnov, the domain name registration count in India crossed 5 million milestone in 2017.

“Work is on for nine Indian scripts – Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu. These scripts are expected to cover many different local languages,” said Samiran Gupta, Head of ICANN India.

The nine Indian scripts mentioned by ICANN will make the domain names available in around 22 local languages. The aim of domain names in Indian languages is to enable the people with no English language knowledge to go online and access the websites.

Mr. Gupta said that around 52% of the global population have access to internet, while many of the remaining 48% are non-English speaking people who can’t type in English. The initiative to make domain names available in local Indian languages will help more people use the internet.

Although people are currently able to register .bharat top-level domain (TLD) in Devanagari script, the internet servers can identify only the limited letters. ICANN has formed Neo-Brahmi script Generation Panel (NBGP) to develop Root Zone Label Generation Rules (RZ-LGR).

The NBGP is a team of over 60 technical experts and linguistics from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. The RZ-LGR developed by this team will enable people from all over the world to register domain names in local Indian scripts.

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Mr. Gupta further added that there are 4.2 billion internet users worldwide, which is expected to grow to 5 billion by 2022.

Domain Newss

Domain name registry CentralNic buys KeyDrive for $44.5 million

Domain name registry service provider CentralNic is acquiring the entire share capital of KeyDrive.

KeyDrive is an internet solutions holding company that develops and operates subscription-based software platforms. These software platforms help businesses to operate online and sell domain names, hosting, email, domain portfolio management and online advertising services.

CentralNic said that the initial consideration is $35.8 million, representing an enterprise value of $44.5 million, and performance-based earn-out of up to $10.5 million.

“The acquisition of KeyDrive is transformative for CentralNic, significantly increasing the Company’s scale and giving it significant extra firepower in the domain name industry to rival the traditional major players,” said Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic.

“KeyDrive’s values and reputation within the industry match CentralNic’s. The acquisition makes strong strategic sense to CentralNic and is a leap forward towards becoming a global leader.”

CentralNic generates its revenue from sales of internet domain names and other web services, while KeyDrive is a pioneer in domain reselling and corporate services. KeyDrive generated a revenue of $58.26 million in 2017 and adjusted underlying earnings of $5.87 million.

By adding KeyDrive’s strength to its existing expertise, CentralNic aims to substantially increase its scale and product range.

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“We share a vision and a passion to deliver the very best products and solutions to the market and to become one of the leading organisations in our industry. I am looking forward to working closely with my new colleagues in pursuit of that goal,” said Alex Siffrin, CEO and Founder of KeyDrive.

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