Microsoft to integrate Truffle blockchain development platform with Azure

Microsoft is joining forces with blockchain startup Truffle to integrate Truffle’s developer tools with Azure. The aim is to provide quality developer experience and DevOps to enterprise blockchains.

Truffle delivers a development platform, testing framework and asset pipeline for the Ethereum blockchain. It comes with built-in smart contract compilation, linking, deployment and binary management, which can be easily accessed by the customers.

The platform has been downloaded over 3 million times and is a preferred choice of developers seeking tools to accelerate the smart contracts and front-end app development process.

Recently, Microsoft had added an extension to its Visual Studio Code that leverages the Azure services and Truffle Suite. This extension helps developers to create and compile smart contracts. They can also test the contracts locally using the Ganache testing environment, as well as inside the Azure DevOps pipelines.

“Early on it was very clear Ethereum developers needed professional, modern development tools. With enterprise’s growing adoption of blockchain technology, Truffle recognizes the importance of this opportunity to bring our blockchain-native experience to enterprise developers across the world through our partnership with Microsoft,” said Tim Coulter, Truffle CEO and Founder.

The integration of Truffle with Azure will enable developers to build advanced, secured blockchain-based applications, streamline workflow with GitHub integration and deploy on real-time basis.

“Our developers expect a world-class experience from Microsoft backed by the best of Azure and Open Source. The Truffle integration demonstrates our continued investment in working with the open source community. Integrating Truffle Suite with Visual Studio Code and Azure DevOps will deliver a world-class developer experience for customers targeting Azure Blockchain Service and public Ethereum,” said Marc Mercuri, Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain Engineering.

Developed on Azure, and being true to the mission of Truffle, the team of Truffle will remain free for open source users.

Truffle tool has also been integrated with Quorum, the open-source Ethereum blockchain used by JPMorgan, developed by Axoni, is being used by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) now.

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