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Microsoft rolls out major improvements to Windows Terminal

At Build 2019 conference, Microsoft had announced a number of new offerings for developers. One of the biggest announcements among them was Windows Terminal– a modern and fast terminal application delivered through Microsoft Store in Windows 10.

The tech giant has now released an improved version of it – Windows Terminal Preview v0.3.

In the latest version, the window can now be dragged to anywhere on the screen using the cursor on the title bar. The title bar has been improved with resized drop-down button and new colors. The dark mode is now adjustable.

Here’s a quick look at the improvements in this release:

  • Draggable title bar: Users can now place the mouse pointer in the title bar and drag it anywhere.
  • New layout of drop-down button: The title bar drop-down button now has a different size and color with new arrangement – now to the right next to the last opened tab. The minimize, maximize and close buttons have been recolored to provide a uniform appearance.
  • Accessibility: Microsoft has re-integrated assistive technology that was added to Windows Console in update 1703 into the Terminal app.
  • Set tab title: Users can customize the tab title in profiles by setting “tabTitle” property in a profile.
  • Additional background options: Users can now add an image on the acrylic background “using the properties “backgroundImage”, “useAcrylic”, and “background”!” Also, users can align the background image anywhere on the screen.
  • Selection: The texts can now be selected even outside the Terminal window, by dragging the mouse to continue selecting text above/below.
  • Azure cloud shell connector: Terminal users can now connect to Azure cloud shell within the app. Microsoft has added more details on Azure cloud shell connector.

Windows Terminal can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store and GitHub. The users who download it from GitHub will need to manually update it whenever Microsoft publishes a new release.

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