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Microsoft go-to-market services help partners increase traffic, leads and business, helps RackNap gain 129% traffic and 69% enquiries

Microsoft has always worked hard to help its partners grow – its mission is to make partnering with it one of the best decisions a business can make. To this effect, it helps partners launch and grow their business with marketing training, content, and services that can help them optimize their marketing capabilities, increase product awareness, generate leads, and more.

Keeping up with its stance of Shared Vision, Shared Success, Microsoft launched a new offer on November 12, 2018 to help partners with go-to-market (GTM) services. In this, members of Microsoft Partner Network that attain a new competency or renew an existing one in the partner center have access to different GTM services that can help their business grow. The offer is available on the partner center, where the eligible partners (silver and gold competency) can activate this offer.

Once activated, GTM Resource Desk gets in touch with them via email, to begin engagement.

RackNap, a venture of ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and a Microsoft partner for almost a decade, opted for this offer as a pilot partner. Microsoft has published a case study highlighting how RackNap made the best use of GTM program in driving more leads and business.

RackNap got listed in Azure marketplace and its availability in the Azure Marketplace enables Microsoft Partners to easily install it and deliver Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365, in addition to simplifying billing with a monthly subscription.

It got marketing help with the following activities:

RackNap’s promotion on the Microsoft Azure Twitter account received over 13,000 impressions, 97 total clicks, and 32 social engagements, while the web conference helped it to present its solution to dozens of Microsoft attendees.

The web conference with Microsoft was very useful. The sales team acknowledged that RackNap will be able to help CSPs simplify the billing complexities and drive adoption of cloud services. The survey results also proved the same. We have seen that the number of product inquiries has gone up by 75 percent in a month after the web conference,” said Sabari Sampath, Senior Vice President of RackNap, who delivered the web conference.

For the telecommunications blog post, Munesh Jadoun, Managing Director and Chairman at RackNap, highlighted how digital transformation is impacting the industry and how companies can seize the opportunity and flourish.

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We have received an increase of 129 percent in traffic on our website by circulating this blog post,” Sampath said. “This has also helped us to increase the product inquiries for the RackNap platform by 69 percent.”

Click here to read the complete RackNap case study here.

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Jason Calacanis to Present a Major Keynote Address at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

Pubcon today announced that Internet entrepreneur and active angel investor Jason Calacanis, Chief executive and founder, will present a major keynote address at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, a social media and optimization conference, which will take place on October 21 – 25, 2013 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 attendees are in for a real treat as Jason starts off our biggest week ever of search and social media marketing, also featuring keynotes by Google’s Matt Cutts and UnMarketing president and popular digital marketing personality Scott Stratten.
– Brett Tabke, CEO, Pubcon.

Brett Tabke, CEO, Pubcon.
Brett Tabke, CEO, Pubcon.

“We’re delighted to present Jason Calacanis — one of the world’s most successful social media and technology entrepreneurs and angel investors — as our kick-off keynote speaker during October’s Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 conference,” said Brett Tabke, CEO, Pubcon.

“Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 attendees are in for a real treat as Jason starts off our biggest week ever of search and social media marketing, also featuring keynotes by Google’s Matt Cutts and UnMarketing president and popular digital marketing personality Scott Stratten,” he added.

As a founder of founder of, Calacanis has hosted the popular podcast “This Week in Startups” since 2009.

After three years of hosting TechCrunch50, he founded the LAUNCH conference to spotlight unannounced start-ups, with the first event held in 2011 and featuring 140 start-ups.

In 2007 he also founded, the “human-powered search engine.”

Calacanis is also well known as a co-founder of Weblogs, Inc., founder of Rising Tide Studios, founder of Open Angel Forum and General Manager of

He joined Board of Directors of Dyn in late 2012. Calacanis’ is expected to launch in the fall of 2013.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 – named a Forbes magazine must-attend conference – will offer 130 + conference panel sessions with a week-long exploration of the future of technology and latest online marketing studies presented by industry experts in Internet marketing, search engines, and online advertising.

The event will also see Pubcon Masters Group training program and workshops, a day-long group of intensive educational training programs led by some of the industry’s most respected search and social media professionals, as well as a new networking badge option.

Registration for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 is open and available at special early-bird rates for a limited time.

A month ago, PubCon announced that the Pubcon Regional Austin 2014 conference will take place on Tuesday, January 28 at the AT&T Conference Center on the University of Texas campus.

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SharePoint hosting provider Launches Revamped Channel Partner Program

SharePoint hosting provider today released its new Partnership Program.

We are now offering sales training as well as targeted marketing efforts and other resources that will assist in the Affiliate and Reseller partners’ development as well as help them grow their commissions.
Corey VanDyke, Channel Manager,

The revamped partnership program offers four partnership opportunities: Reseller Partner, Affiliate Partner,Technology Partner and Services Partner.

While affiliate track and reseller track are easy ways to earn commissions, services or technology partnerships focus on partner enablement and continued success.

All four programs as a tiered payout structure with three tiers, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver tier gives 10% off each sale and requires a minimum of 3 month term purchase plan. The numbers are 12% with 6 month term minimum and 15% with 12 month term minimum for Gold tier and Platinum tier respectively.

Some of the benefits of the Partner Program as listed on the company website are:

  • Bigger payouts and special partner commissions with different partner levels.
  • A complimentary technical and sales training program.
  • Pre-sales support by
  • Marketing help and support for events, webinars etc.
  • A dedicated social partner network channel to engage with other partners.

“While this new program is just getting its legs, we already have existing partnerships that have been very successful and the feedback has been pivotal in redesigning the way we partner,” said Corey VanDyke, Channel Manager,

“We are now offering sales training as well as targeted marketing efforts and other resources that will assist in the Affiliate and Reseller partners’ development as well as help them grow their commissions,” he added. also announced that it will be participating as a Sponsor at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Texas on July 7-11, 2013 where it will sponsor and exhibit its managed SharePoint hosting solutions.

For more information, click here.

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Hivelocity’s “Check Out My Server” Campaign Has Customers Requesting Personalized Pictures Of Their Servers

Known for coming up with innovative campaigns to drive customer interaction, Hivelocity has launched a new social media campaign targeting new and existing customers. Earlier this year, Hivelocity also held First Annual Parade of Racks Beauty Contest at it’s data center.

Titled “Check Out My Server,” the new social media campaign has an interesting premise. Via their Twitter, Facebook and G+ accounts, Hivelocity’s customers can request a personalized picture be taken of their dedicated server or even direct a 6 second Vine video at the server’s rack.

“It recently dawned on me that in our business the customers rarely get to see the product they are paying for. This didn’t seem right to me. For all the customer knows they are getting some dingy white box held together with duct tape,” said Steve Eschweiler, General Manager, Hivelocity in an email conversation with DailyHostNews.

“So we are offering to send our customers pictures of their servers or even a quick Vine video of their server. We have had some customers tell us they have framed the pics and put them on their walls in the office,” he added.

Hivelocity has so far had customer requesting a simple picture of the server with the owner’s logo to more elaborate requests for Vine videos with Hivelocity employees posing at the server.

“We are very proud of our data center and the systems we deploy every day for customers. This campaign is really a win win in our eyes. We get to show off our data center and hardware and our customers finally have a way to see the dedicated servers they are paying for,” said Drew Adams, Sales Manager, Hivelocity.

In a recent interview with DailyHostNews, Steve did talk about Hivelocity’s commitment to provide customers with exceptional, unique and gratifying experience with every interaction they have with the company.

“We don’t want to simply be a monthly bill and faceless company to our customers. We will continue to be innovative with how we connect with our customers and the service we provide our customers today is just the tip of the iceberg, ” he said.

Currently, Hivelocity is competing at the Social Madness competition organized by The Business Journal. You can vote for Hivelocity here under the “Large Business category.”

For more information on the“Check Out My Server” campaign, click here.

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Exposing India’s largest Online Shopping platform is unsafe and vulnerable to theft

Indian e-commerce is growing at an incredibly frantic pace. There are tons of new e-commerce sites mushrooming in variety of verticals spanning electronics, books, gift items, vitamin supplements, foreign importers etc.

Unfortunately the awareness among Indian customers and e-commerce site owners regarding the risks of online scam, phishing and what not remains concerningly low.

SSL Security is one basic step that every e-commerce site must take at the very minimum. Doing so will at least ensure that transactions between an e-commerce site and its customers remain private. This is critically important in India, especially because a large portion of the population there uses shared internet (i.e. cyber cafes).

It has come to our attention that a very famous site known as which is essentially India’s Amazon, has not been using SSL properly at all. Just imagine one of the largest shopping sites in the entire country with over 1.2 billion customers transferring confidential details such as address, email, phone number, credit card, and online banking details in just plain text! To say that we were shocked would be a vast understatement. Just take a look at the screenshots to follow as proof :

Why is non-trusted with their security?

  • They don’t have “HTTPS” or a “SSL Certificate” installed on their website.

SnapDeal does not have HTTP” or a SSL Certificate installed on their website.

  • They use a text to gain trust of security, “100% secure shopping guarantee”. A website simply cannot be secured without any “HTTPS” or “SSL certificate” security installed, anything else is an indication of an online scam or fraud.

Online shopping Platform SnapDeal is not secure.

  • Even visitors know they should only enter credit card information on a secure page, something that can easily be identified by the LOCK Symbol located with the frame, status or address bar of a trusted browser. Just by gathering user credit card information on their unsecure payment processing pages, is putting their users’ private information at extreme risk. How could they say they are secure and don’t store credit card details without using ““HTTPS” or “SSL Certificate” security?

Credit Card information is not safe on

Finally, we confirm without a single doubt that, one of India’s largest e-commerce platforms, simply doesn’t care about user safety on the web. They have been displaying a logo of Trust Pay everywhere on their website, however, Trust Pay is not a Security Authority. It’s actually what is known as a Financial Conduct Authority which only deals with payment processing and has no responsibility whatsoever for web page security.

As you can see this is one giant disaster waiting to happen. Just imagine what could happen if a fraudulent site called “” pops up, perfectly imitating the website design and all their products in order to lure customers into a huge phishing SCAM!

How they can secure their business and users information with SSL Certificate security?


In today’s world where sensitive information so routinely traverses what is known as the internet superhighway, SSL Certificates have become an increasingly crucial part of e-commerce. It is for that very reason that one should never hesitate to make the online business experience a much safer and secure one for users on the web with an SSL certificate.

Update: This write-up has been edited following SnapDeal’s official response, which goes as:

We totally understand the concern that a customer would have in making a purchase online. As we promise, we ensure secure shopping for all our customers. No financial data is gathered without a secure layer transaction. The iframe that gathers financial data is completely secure and is posted through a HTTPS url as you can notice in the screenshot here:

Also, please note that Trustpay has always been a promise to protect customers with 100% moneyback guarantee if there is an issue with product quality, size or delivery.

Once again, we would like to highlight that 100% secure shopping is being ensured through secure payment gateways implementing SSL for all financial transactions. Hope this clarifies your concern and we would be glad to answer any further queries you might have.

Update 2: Mr. Jim Armstrong, Founder and CEO, RapidSSLonline responds:

Snapdeal: Certainly, if you gather data through HTTPS iframe within a page served over HTTP, then it will not assure users that they are dealing with secure page. The following iframe can be hijacked or altered in a simple attack such as an iframe injection. And the following attacks can be implementing through a virus, a Trojan, visiting a malicious websites.

here is the conversions report from

Disclaimer: The views expressed, and any inferences drawn herein are those of the author alone, and do not necessarily represent the policies, positions, strategies or opinions of DailyHostNews.

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Sub Domain or Sub Directory?

There has always been a lot of talk around using subdomains or subdirectories when creating new pages on people’s websites. So before we step into the war between Sub Domains and Sub Directories, let’s get to know them first.

about subdomain vs subdirectoryThe Domain Name System (DNS) has a tree structure or hierarchy, with each node on the tree being a domain name. A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain; the only domain that is not also a sub-domain is the root domain. These sub domains help largely in organizing your website and making on-site navigation much easier. For instance, in, .com is the top level domain whereas wordpress in the second level domain. When you create an account and maintain a blog at the website, it gives you a ‘sub domain’ to the website commonly known as ‘Username’. Hence, is a complete web address consisting of a top level domain, second level domain as well as ‘yourwebsite’ as the ‘sub domain’. Since your blog can be of all and any subjects, it becomes easier for a user to find you based on how you name your sub domain. If we’re clear with Sub Domain, let’s see what ‘Sub Directories’ are all about.

Subdirectories may refer to folders located directly within a folder, as well as folders that are stored in other folders within a folder. For example, the main directory of a file system is the root directory. Therefore, all other folders are subdirectories of the root folder. While hosting web pages or images etc. on the internet, Sub Directories largely help in creating sub folders under domains to host content. Hence, sub directories are useful for novice web enthusiasts who aim to keep things simple for themselves. For example, is a web address. And, is a web address along with ‘about’ as a subdirectory which can be used to host any content in terms of pictures, text, media files etc.

Now, Sub domains or Sub directories is the question!
A decision to use either subdomains or subdirectories may arise you/your company is looking to implement and integrate a blog to their site. You would be in a dilemma over or Both are very different and treated very different.
Blog placed in Subdomain:


  • Typically shorter URL than subdirectory
  • Can pass some link value back to the root domain through cross-linking within template and articles.
  • Can achieve a higher level of SERP saturation as search engines can rank more than the traditional 2 listings per site – multiple pages from your root domain as well as your subdomain.


  • Subdomains DO NOT always inherit any or all of the positive metrics and ranking ability of their root domain (i.e. link equity, ranking equity, age benefits, etc).
  • Some subdomains get zero benefit from the root domain they are on (ex: sites like where anyone can create their own subdomain and begin blogging).
  • If you get inbound links to the subdirectory of the blog, it will build equity for the subdirectory. However, since it is technically a different site, it will not inherently pass that juice back to the root domain.
  • More difficult to create and manage from a server perspective.

Blog placed in Subdirectory:

  • Subdirectories tend to inherent some of the ranking benefits of the root domain.
  • Inbound links coming into the blog subdirectory and/or its blog posts can build more ranking value, page authority, and link juice for the root domain.
  • Utilizing the blog as a subdirectory, you can use blog posts to better enhance the root domain’s authority (and ranking ability) for a given topic by building hubs of content around that topic and cross-linking to key pages on the root.
  • Any social sharing equity is passed back to root domain.
  • Easier to organize content within the blog
  • Easier to create and manage from a server perspective.


  • Typically longer URL than subdomains
  • Authority and link equity may diminish as your get deeper into a subdirectory structure – farther away from the root (ex:
  • Won’t have the ability to achieve as high a level of SERP saturation as you would with subdomains.

If you’ve just skimmed this article
If you’re just skimming this article and want a summary, please refer to the info-graphic below. In the end, what matters is your proficiency and understanding of the web and how you use it to keep it comfortable. I would suggest you to opt for sub directories if you’re a novice in the field and after much trials and experimentation, you can move forward towards maintaining Sub Domains. However, I would also like to point out that sub domains are usually hosted by large companies or blogs for users who portray significant individuality in their products. For example WordPress and Google use sub domains for independent blogs and products respectively. However, if you’re simply aiming to branch out your website, maintaining sub directories is a smart choice!

Inputs: Jacob Stoops and Scott Design.